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  • stlbankstockbuyer stlbankstockbuyer Jun 18, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    Sanofi and Medtronic are buying (partnering with) Mannkind?

    Al could have written the first paragraph.
    PARIS, FRANCE, AND MINNEAPOLIS, MN - June 14, 2014 - Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN and NYSE: SNY) and Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE: MDT) today announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to enter into a global strategic alliance in diabetes, aimed at improving patient experience and outcomes for people with diabetes around the world. The alliance will initially focus on two key priorities: the development of drug-device combinations and delivery of care management services to improve adherence, simplify insulin treatment, and help people with diabetes better manage their condition.

    The alliance will be structured as an open-innovation model, leveraging the capabilities, as well as the human and financial resources, of both companies. Based on the success of the two initial priorities, the companies may explore other areas for potential collaboration.

    "We know that insulin and other medicines are only one element of treating the whole patient. There is no day off in managing diabetes, and lack of adherence is one of the major hurdles to optimal disease management. That is why Sanofi is committed to developing integrated care solutions that focus on making life easier for people with diabetes and improving clinical outcomes that may help reduce costs to the overall healthcare system," commented Pascale Witz, executive vice president of Global Divisions & Strategic Development, Sanofi. "Through this important collaboration, Sanofi will tap into technology advances that aim to create holistic treatment solutions which take into account the individual patient's needs."

    "Diabetes is unfortunately rising in prevalence around the world, driving up system costs and, most importantly, adversely impacting the lives of millions of people. Like Sanofi, we believe there is tremendous opportunity to better align care across the diabetes care continuum through new and varied technologies and patient care management strategies," s

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    • Review this article heading from June 18, 2014. It might come to pass in 2015.

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    • This grouping was my guess for Matese16's contest. I would really like to see it materialize. Obviously approval is needed first, but when it comes to a partnership, this seems like it could be "the dream team" in diabetes care.

    • Does anyone remember Kevinmik's post referencing patent filed that connects Sanofi to Mannkind?

      kevinmik • Jan 13, 2014 8:57 PM Flag

      New Patent Could Make Sanofi The Likely Partner ?
      United States Patent 8,623,817
      Richardson , et al. January 7, 2014

      Method of treating diabetes type 2 by administering ultrarapid acting insulin


      Disclosed herein are improved methods of treating hyperglycemia with a combination of an ultrarapid acting insulin and insulin glargine comprising prandial administration of the ultrarapid insulin, and administration of a first dose of insulin glargine within 6 hours of waking for a day

    • another somewhat interesting twist is that medtronic just bought out Covidien which allows medtronic to reside in ireland and enjoy that tax relief. I wonder if MNKD isn't looking into the future when it comes to taxation? What I'm getting at is if MNKD is looking at medtronic and sanofi, it could be a buyout/merger with medtronic allowing both MNKD and medtronic to enjoy that tax relief while they work with sanofi to dominate the highly lucrative diabetes market. The deal could be arranged that MNKD is a wholly owned subsidiary which could allow MNKD to be their own for the most part while enjoying the tax benefits of medtronics recent purchase. Or maybe I'm going off track here.......

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    • didn't Al sell insulin pumps to a company that Medtronic acquired?

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    • What did MNKD just recently say about their inhaler device? It's easy to make but wasn't there some comment made about scaling up to meet demand and that it was the device that was the bottleneck rather than the inhaled medication? I didnt' go back to confirm all that before writing this post, it's off the top of my head. But if my recall is somewhat correct, then isn't there logic behind a relationship with a device maker such as medtronic and a relationship with a big powerful insulin seller, say, sanofi? Sounds to me that this may be an indicator of what MNKD has planned post FDA approval. It would allow MNKD to operate as an independent company and continue developing their pipleline while allowing two powerhouse companies the opportunity to do what they each do best. Seems very logical at the moment. Although I can't even begin to imagine how that arrangement would look on paper and how profits would be shared. But that's what Greenhill is for......

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    • How is this relevant to MNKD when I thought Adam F., relying on his extensive training in political science (at one of the worlds elite colleges), indicated that Mankind will not successfully partner...

    • here is the link

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    • Could also be referring to the artificial pancrease or both

    • Look at the quotes in this article, it certainly seems they are looking/need something to be competitive in the diabetes market.

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