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  • perrhann perrhann Jul 11, 2014 2:33 PM Flag

    This is not a partnership, this is a full blown buyout

    Partnership was in place before approval, now that we have approval and clean label this has escalated into a full blown buyout. Mark my words, this is the deal that's going to come down the pipe. The BP's could care less about Afrezza, they want Technosphere and it's expensive. JMHO

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    • It's from Kevin

    • Why do you type the same thing every 12 hours? SPAM

    • Since imaginations are running wild here,, What would be the lowest offer Al would take if a buy out were to go down ? anyone ?

    • It's couldn't care less, ,many people get that wrong,,, now you know....I don't like you saying, "mark my words", that shows arrogance which is a bad attribute in my book,, You aren't the first guy to come up with this scenario...For a buy out to happen the price will have to be high or Al won't take it,,, The long term longs are probably right, it's partnership first,, then sales,, then possible buy out,,,,It would be foolish to sell technosphere now, but who knows ?

    • It's not could care less. You can't get simple stuff like that; how can you possibly expect complicated matters like brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, and understand the complexities of mega business partnerships and buyouts.

    • The BP's could care less about Afrezza???
      They care my friend, they care a lot and will pay handsomely for ALL of the moving parts (technology, manufacturing facility, employees, etc...).

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    • tell em what they want; but, technospere is not for sale. Afrezza is. Dreamboat deliver's the first technosphere delivery of the 1st of hundreds of patents. All of those patents and the "revolutionary new delivery system" is not for sale. I am long holding many shares and calls. You may think you know what the company is going to do; but from my perspective your have it wrong. Afrezza will be partnered. MNKD will continue to manufacture it in Danbury but the marketing will be a partnership with a global pharm. The next drug out using the technosphere delivery after afrezza's proven success will be a drug next spring for people with chronic pain which is 4X the population of Diabetes. My friend; you have to do more research... technosphere is a diamond mine that is not for sale. If you can prove otherwise; I'd be happy to acknowledge your subjective allegation.

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    • Thanks for starting a good thread, perhann. The longs on board were getting away from good discussions that focus on Mannkind's future and instead were constantly responding to bashers. What a waste of time. It's good to see most of the bashers are being ignored lately.

      Since the topic-du-jour is partnership v buyout, here is a nugget. How many missed the trick question question the docnaz responded to, regarding the filing of an S-4?

      You do realize an SEC S-4 filing is for mergers and acquisitions, right? The SEC has up to 90 days to review the Agreement and declare a date the filing becomes effective. However, the declaration of an effective Date of Agreement can happen any time after the SEC has finished its review. They don't need to wait the entire 90 days and seldom do.

      It wouldn't surprise me if the parties to the Agreement are waiting just like we all are. That could be the reason why docnaz posted on this YMB, and encouraged longs by repeatedly stating that the announcement could come at any time and that he doesn't think it'll go the 90 days.

      If the filing was submitted weeks ago (many believe the filing occurred just before FDA approved Afrezza) that would have automatically started the Waiting Period (or Quiet Time as it's also called). Was it an S-4 filing? Longs (and shorts) could find out any day. My point is that it's the SEC that's causing the delay, not the parties.

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    • Well, my thought has been that Technosphere became much more valuable now that Afrezza has been approved as it uses the Technosphere technology. Regardless of how well Afrezza does on the market, Technosphere now holds its own position in a wide range of opportunities.

      If Afrezza is worth $10b, for example, what is Technosphere worth? Hard to figure. I original thought that it could have its own initial value of $1-2b, but obviously could be worth $10s of billions.

      Not sure how this will all play out, but it is going to be exciting to see who steps up to the plate and what stake they take between Afrezza and Technosphere technology. Marketing, distribution, and sales of Afrezza and that is it? No way!

    • No matter what happens, this will always be Al's baby and his legacy of improving mankind's lives will live on forever. Nobody can ever take that away from him. If you put your child up for adoption wouldn't you want the best parents and home life that you could find. No difference here, Al want's his baby to go to a good home. JMHO

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