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  • factspls88 factspls88 Jul 13, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may....shorts

    Hakan said that it would likely take 6-8 weeks after PDUFA to finalize a partnership. I realize Pfeffer back peddled in a cya move, but I believe what Hakan blurted out is close to the truth (as I always say, many a true word is blurted out) and I also believe that partnership could also come sooner given how clean the label turned out to be. We have just shaved off 2 weeks from the timeline so now it's 4-6 weeks. Shorts still have time to cover. If it were me I'd cover sooner. You just never know.

    For your reference here are Hakan's exact words at the Goldman Sachs conference:

    "Well, yes, we have certainly involved in discussions with a number of companies. Some of them are involved in insulin and insulin -- sorry in diabetes and diabetes management as you say there with global reach and also with local reach. We at this point in time would expect that probably say within say six to eight weeks following but PDUFA date, we hopefully will be in the situation where we can finalize a partnership.

    The structure of the partnership, you could say, could be anything from a traditional kind of royalty base to a profit sharing to that in combination with potentially co-promotion arrangements. Depending on the whether a North American or a global partnership, those parameters will change a little bit. But our expectation is that we'll hopefully, we can bring potential partner groups together and certainly the label will be an important coponent for them in terms of making the final decision, that’s why we believe that a few weeks after the PDUFAdate hopefully we will be in a situation to make a final choice and negotiate it."

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