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  • wcoastguy2008 wcoastguy2008 Jun 28, 2011 10:07 AM Flag

    Comments from Radient's I.R. Department"

    I forgot to ask about the failure of the company to hold a shareholder's meeting to authorize the increase in shares to 400,000,000.

    I may call again today and ask about it.

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    • Call and see what they say. I'd like to hear their excuse.

    • Wcoastguy, IMO there are a couple of reasons why they had not yet had the shareholder meeting.

      First is the SEC. They had to get their filing up to date and acceptable to the SEC. Then they have to submit another PRE 14A.

      One problem. The lenders have not yet agreed to a share conversion so if shareholder approval is required, they don't know how many shares it will be.

      Also, the company needs to file an S1 to register the shares so unless the lenders are threatening to take the assets, there is not really that much of a rush.

      If you do call them again, you might ask why the CEO stated in a conference call a year ago that they had a new antibody and why are they now saying they don't have one?