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  • wcoastguy2008 wcoastguy2008 Jul 29, 2011 11:18 PM Flag

    Advice requested

    I expect this will open in the 6.4 range on Monday and close around 8 cents.

    If Radient were to have an order in hand for $10,000,000 cash upfront and three new global partners a market cap in the $100,000,000 range would be warranted. Assuming that were to happen there would be about 530,000,000 shares outstanding after the shareholder's meeting in August which would put the per share price in the .18 range.

    If I were you I'd invest $6,000 at the open on Monday and then wait to see what is in Garza's report. After the report is available then either invest the additional funds at that time or wait until after the meeting.

    Until the report is out there's no way of knowing how to play the news.

    I have 255,000 shares at 6.8 cents currently and will add 100,000 at the open on Monday.