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  • unknownjulie unknownjulie Jul 30, 2011 10:16 AM Flag

    Advice requested

    I've been buying. I added at .12, .06. and at .048 yesterday. I think buying at these levels is very smart.

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    • Julie stated: "I've been buying. I added at .12, .06. and at .048 yesterday. I think buying at these levels is very smart."

      Today you are saying it is smart to buy at these levels. You were thinking the same at 12 cents and 6 cents yet you have lost over half the money where you bought at 12 cents.

      You are witnessing the beginning of the massive dilution of this stock and you think it is smart to buy?

      Julie, the lenders are going to get shares for 3.5 cents in the next installment.

      At what price do you think they are going to be willing to sell those shares? You will have lost another 30% on the shares you bought yesterday.

      I never tell people to sell their shares but what you are doing at this point is almost insane.

      If anyone still believes that Onko Sure at some point in the future will have some degree of success, they should wait until/if the company survives all this dilution/debt and obtains money to continue operations.

    • Nice set-up unknownsombody. You enabled vestor to make the elusive 7-10 split again.

      It's amazing how connected the two of you are!

      You need to stop being such an easy target for him. Always remember that he's always looking out for your best interests though. LOL

      Take care and the two of you have a great day.

      Best wishes to all.

      Longer and stronger.