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  • drivethelane2001 drivethelane2001 Oct 21, 2011 6:05 PM Flag


    Radient has been issued a warning regarding the min bid of $.10 cents per share . I do not know what deadline was given , only that Radient was notified about the 10 cent min bid . Stay tuned .

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    • OTCQX U.S.

      Ongoing operations (no shells, blank check or special purpose acquisition companies);
      A minimum bid price of $0.10 (for preceding 90 business days);
      The company may not be subject to any bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings;
      The company must be duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of each jurisdiction in which the company is organized;
      At least 50 beneficial shareholders, each owning at least 100 shares of the Company's common stock;
      Ongoing quarterly and audited annual financial reports posted on, a premier website for qualifying companies (SEC Registered issuers can use EDGAR); and
      Inclusion in the Standard & Poor's Corporation Records or Mergent Manuals (fka Moody's Manuals), which satisfies the Blue Sky requirements for secondary transactions in many states, together with a list of any other states in which the security is Blue Sky compliant and eligible to be sold by brokers in those states;
      DAD Letter of Introduction upon application process completion and quarterly and annually thereafter to OTC Markets Group Inc. confirming that the issuer has made adequate current information publicly available and meets the tier inclusion requirements.

      OTCQX U.S. Premier

      Designed to identify issuers that are of the size and quality to list on a National Stock Exchange. Additional requirements include:

      A minimum bid price of $1(for preceding 90 business days);
      At least 100 beneficial shareholders, each owning at least 100 shares of the company's common stock;
      The company meets the financial qualifications for continued listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market;
      Conduct Annual shareholders' meetings; and
      The company meets all of the requirements of the OTCQX U.S. Tier above.

      OTCQX U.S. Initial & Continued Qualification Standards OTCQX U.S. OTCQX U.S. Premier
      Total Assets $2 million $2 million
      Bid Price $0.10 $1.00
      Beneficial Shareholders 50 100
      Market Value of Publicly Held Shares $1 million
      Publicly Held Shares 500,000
      Conduct Annual Shareholders' Meeting Yes
      Must also satisfy one of the below Must also satisfy one of the below
      Revenue $2 million at least $6,000,000 average for the last three years
      Net Tangible Assets $1 million $2 million if in operation for at least three years, or $5 million if in operation for less than three years
      Must also satisfy one of the below
      Net Income $500,000 $500,000 (in the latest fiscal year or in two of the last three fiscal years)
      Stockholders’ Equity $2.5 million
      Market Value of Listed Securities $5 million $35 million
      1) All criteria must be met using data as of the most recent fiscal year except for bid price which is monitored on a daily basis.
      2) The OTCQX U.S. Premier requirements incorporate the NASDAQ Capital Market Continued Listing Standards.
      3) Publicly Held Shares are defined as total shares outstanding minus shares held by officers, directors, or beneficial owners of more than 10% of the company

    • It beats being a deconsolidated asset . Have a good weekend . Goodnight .

    • i don't buy the spin off story . . . yes for a kraft, but in the struggling biotech world . . . i see it as a promo issue only . . . or they can shuffle assets in the process . . . i'm a born and raised NY'er, i see everything as a scam until proven otherwise . . .

      if nuvax has value, it should reflect in RXPC's share price . . . i've come to realize that you need a scientist's degree to truly understand which IPs are true, and which are hype . . . they all look the same to me at the time of the IPO . . . so if a local scientist wants to chime in on nuvax please do, i'm all ears . . .

    • Living , I'm sure its like the Naz . You get a notification , you appeal , then granted an extension . There are other otc markets and Radient qualified for the otcqx after leaving the amex Exchange . The qx is considered the premier otc Exchange . Enjoy the stars .

    • i fully believe your phone call . . .

      i assumed delisting from the pk meant "no longer trades", and so i looked it up . . . bad assumption, lol . . .

      i know about shells because a now defunct trading house i knew used to register "hollow eggs" . . . i also learned about C+D orders through them, lol . . .

    • Dear Living , I'm not the guy that makes the rules for that exchange . I also don't tape my conversations with IR . Heck if we buy enough shares next week along with the massive short squeeze we may just bump the bid up to 10 cents . Okay . Peace .

    • OTCQX has a baseline set of requirements for U.S. corporations and international businesses incorporated in the U.S. Companies that are incorporated outside the U.S. should follow our international standards.

      Any issuer with proprietary priced quotations published by a market maker on OTC Link will be eligible to enter the tier for which it is qualified. Companies that meet the financial requirements of NASDAQ's Capital Market Continued Listing Standards may be eligible for the higher OTCQX U.S. Premier Tier.

      OTCQX U.S.
      Ongoing operations (no shells,


      blank check or special purpose acquisition companies);

      A minimum bid price of $0.10 (for preceding 90 business days);


      The company may not be subject to any bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings;


    • hi dTL,

      where did you find this out...waht would be consequences if delisted?


      do you think they will release a lot of news now to make pps go up to stay listed?

    • We will still be the Strong Buy Club !!!

      God Bless, Applelou

    • Are you sharing your inside information with us now?