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  • baldysucks baldysucks Nov 5, 2011 12:48 PM Flag


    BioMedReports Garza: Hi all. As we understand it, Ms. Dilec Mir left the firm a week ago (on very good terms) because the commute was too much for her and her young family. The Radient offices are located quite a "heavy traffic in both directions" distance from Los Angeles in the city of Tustin, CA. I met Dilec in person at the Aegis conference in Las Vegas some months ago. I got to know her and and spent a lot of time speaking with her there. I can tell you that she is an incredibly bright, honest and hard working lady and we wish her and her family all the best.

    Unlike most other IR reps who can work from virtually any location, Ms. Mir's duties at the company included a business development position and she would not have been able to perform both duties from afar. People wishing to contact the company about today's developments should probably reach out to the CEO of the firm, Mr. Doug MacLellan dmaclellan [at] or you should call the offices directly. As a publicly traded company, there needs to be accountability to shareholders such as yourself and as such, until a new investor relations person is named, perhaps this is the best person to contact.

    We have been quiet on the story mostly because for many months now, all communication and information from Radient, their major debt holders and others has been closely monitored by several lawyers and their firms. Even as I write, I personally have knowledge that there are at least six law firms involved in yet to be disclosed pending financial developments. In addition, the board of directors at the firm have been adamant that any and all communications with the media be cleared through them.

    As we have reported, there have been numerous false written and even oral defamatory statements made about the firm's reputation and business practices. Even investors have been called maliciously derogatory terms. Message boards have been flooded by paid entities whose sole purpose has been to post the same negative messages and false information (there have even been death threats made) over and over again in order to ensure that those who can gain from the drop in share price do so. There are some very powerful people and funds with lots of money at stake on both sides of this company's investment equation and there is one thing I know for certain. Major mistakes have been made by both sides- catching the relatively innocent retail investor in the middle. These people will stop at nothing in the name of greed and the ones who suffer are the shareholders.

    As we have said now on many occasions: At the appropriate time, and once we are able to verify the information that we have been gathering from various sources close to the Radient story, we will be reporting what we know. Radient is one of the most watched, most actively traded stocks we have ever covered and we are certain of one thing. We have not heard the last of this very intriguing story.

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    • Friday PR from Radient shows little revenue for the quarter soon to be reported and it shows no one has come up with any new cash investment in Radient. Radient has about $160K left and expenses of $525 per the math and you will know roughly how much time is left for Radient to close its doors forever.

    • could garza have been purposefully vague?, lol . . .

    • They can go back anytime the deal falls through. The 2009 lenders are likely to have cause as they will likely not get all their shares sold.

    • <this looks like a made-up email to and by srh>

      hey panvi,

      ZO posted it too, so i do believe it was on garza's FB . . . today's question is why he took it down, and under who's direction . . .

    • Radient Retard...this looks like a made-up email to and by can't do better than a bogus

    • Did anyone notice the obvious ?? As MIR got more involved the folks at BMR became silent . Now that She has moved on from her IR position , BMR comments on Her departure . Go figure . I have no clue why he would mention all the legal firepower at Radient . Something like nothing leaves without the board okaying it . What a soap opera . Peace and goodnight .

    • Watch the market cap . I will assume that Radient will approach the 5 Billion cap in the next 3-4 weeks . It's possible that news will have a bearing on the price . The recent all time low was at $ .002. The stock closed at .0044 on Fri with I suppose less than < 750> cap , but I will use 750 for market cap figures . If the firm were to hold .004 ....the MC with 5 billion issued would be @ $ 20 million . Should we get down to .0025 which I think could be support (IMO ONLY ) the MC would be close to $12.5 million / using 5 billion OS . It will be hard to know the total OS at any one week or day . The company can print and sell shares at anytime . We also have the value of CIT . How is Doug going to use this asset ? I hope to hear from Mr. Garza . The last time we spoke was Oct , early Oct ,2011. I DO HOPE THAT .0025 HOLDS level is @ .002-.0021. I believe the creep lenders get shares around $.0016 !!!! VG can confirm , so its a big week . A HUGE MONTH . I'M SURE THE DAY TRADERS WILL BE IN AND OUT AS THE STOCK WILL HAVE GREAT VOLATILITY AND LIQUIDITY . Goodnight . All the BEST . dtl / sp .

    • VG , I know for a fact that She went in to the office on Sat . As for running it out of LA ? Who knows . It had to be a tough job . Imo .

    • <It's only news because Garza, for some reason, decided to try and make an excuse for her leaving.>

      i wonder who's idea that was?, garza or mac . . . interesting point . . .

    • . . . so you don't love me anymore?

      . . . can we still be friends?

      you're right about one thing, i've wasted too much oxygen trying to help you see the light (dilution, R/S, SI) . . . you really don't deserve the help . . .

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