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  • jfjf666 jfjf666 Nov 6, 2011 9:33 AM Flag

    Full Story from Garza Must Be A Joke?

    If you take the time to read what he supposebly wrote you'll realize he didn't say anything of value.

    First of all he should know that her name is Dilek.

    He said that he had gotten to know her by spending time with her at the Aegis Conference three months before she joined Radient. Dilek had indicated to me that she had spoken to Garza on only one occasion and she also stated that she had no idea where Garza had obtained information for some of the Biomed reports that he had written.

    Garza also states that if you want information about the current status of the company that you should contact Doug McClellan. Why wouldn't he suggest contacting Paul at E & E Communications, the new i.r. firm that represents Radient?

    As for his comment about lawyers at Radient common sense would tell you that there are several lawyers that would represent Doug in the class action lawsuits that name him personally and also lawyers that are involved in negotiating with the creditors to convert the debt. I think six is a good number.

    If Garza did write what is posted I suggest that he apply for an I.R. position with Radient because he obviously has the ability to write without saying anything of substance.

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