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  • filings_speak_for_themselves filings_speak_for_themselves Jan 2, 2012 11:50 PM Flag

    Listen To Me


    "In the event we are unable to convert into equity the balance of the outstanding November Notes, RDO Notes and the outstanding redeemable Series B and Series C Preferred Stock, the holders may obtain judgments against us and seek to enforce such judgments against our assets, in which event we will be required to cease our business activities and the equity of our stockholders will be effectively wiped out."

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    • David, not true. The Jade lenders have been given some of the shares to sell and they will be selling whatever they want. No time limit has been published but you would be correct in saying they would like to sell as many as they can pre reverse split to maximize their profits.

      IMO, anyone buying today will be in a loss position shortly.

    • So if I understand the numbers correctly...

      they have 9 days to sell somewhere between 750M and 1B shares that is 83M to 110 million a day, and no pump?

    • David, today's buyers think that it is an anomaly for the stock of a company with an FDA approved cancer test to be selling so cheap. They just have not done their homework. It is as simple as that.

      Anyone who looks closely at the numbers and the lack of demand for any universal cancer marker would see this as a loser.

      A lot of investors may not think a reverse split will occur because the company stated in the proxy that they may or may not do the reverse split.

      However, if you read the S-1, it clearly states that the company will be in default of the lender agreements if they do NOT effect the reverse split on Jan 15.

    • The Jade lenders dropped the share price from around .0041 to .0031 on the first day they were selling shares.

      Your answer is that they dropped it more than was needed considering the current demand. Just watch the share price this week. If the demand tapers off as I expect, the Jade lenders will drop the price some more.

    • I think I agree with everything you are saying. so where the hell does the guy who just wanted to buy 3 million at .30 come from? and the 20 million other shares traded today, and of late, with no pump and promotion?