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  • cwrasmith cwrasmith Mar 20, 2012 2:30 AM Flag

    % of oil and NatGas

    Well, a couple of things first. The post was by a commodities trader that was trying to get investors fired up over natural gas. I should have made that clearer. Our oil production and gas production are almost record highs so if we didn't export anything maybe we could make 81% AFTER converting a lot of vehicles over to natural gas. Our real problem is refineries. We have not built a new one in 30 years and to older refineries cannot process WTI or the heavier oil sands crude. They have to have the light sweet stuff. Houston has the most capacity for the heavier crudes which is why Keystone needs to pipe there. Obama is stupid but so is the Governor of Nebraska. The oil sands oil needs to be heated just to flow through a pipe. The pipe is heavily insulated and if it breaks the oil hitting the ground becomes tar. It will NEVER hit the aquifer or soak in the ground at all. The environmental arguments are bogus. We cannot run America on solar and wind power. These people need to wise up!