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  • jaarc.rm jaarc.rm Apr 25, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Q1 unit volume will be down...but only slightly.

    Do not be surprised when it is announced as being less than last year.
    Yuchai Group (all of it) sold roughly 10% fewer engines (19-20k) in Q1 year over year.
    CYD will do better than that...but still off a bit.
    That should be the extent of any "bad" news.

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    • National Human Resources and Social Security Research group visited Yuchai
      Yuchai Group Network 2013-04-25 20:56
        April 25, member of the Party Committee of the National Human Resources and Social Security Vice Minister Qiu Xiaoping led the research group to Yuchai research, in-depth understanding of employment and salary distribution enterprises in the development process for the construction of enterprise personnel guidance views, calling for enterprises to establish confidence in the development, building a harmonious labor relations. Yulin City Mayor Wang Kai, accompanied by research.
      Yan Ping, Chairman of the Group's Board of Directors, introduced Yuchai employment situation, the entire engine industry in the first quarter of this year, a decrease of 8%, while the the Yuchai's first-quarter sales rose 1%, Yuchai employment trend over previous years , the number of employment of a slight increase the previous year.

        In the case of salary distribution, Yan Ping said, Yuchai committed to allow employees to share the fruits of development to ensure that the income of workers, welfare and simultaneous development of enterprises, such as workers in difficulty to solve the housing problem, holidays welfare goods to be released, workers travel.

        After hearing the reports, said Qiu Xiaoping, the Yuchai to research, there are two good impression, the first since last year, Yuchai industry market is not good, can still maintain thriving to achieve profit growth, a considerable simple. Yuchai attaches great importance to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests in the development process, set a good example for other enterprises in Yulin City in terms of employment and salary distribution.

        Qiu Xiaoping stressed that research to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of workers is the bottom line, on this basis, to try to improve the working environment and conditions of workers, strengthen the construction of humanities building and employee career de

    • As shipments shrink so will profits. CYD has bumbled along so so long this is what longs have come to expect.

      This means we drop more when the press releases hit.

      CYD is a great short. Cover under $ 10

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Do you think $'s will be made up with buses - not volume, $s?

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