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  • schu1842 schu1842 Dec 14, 2004 9:44 PM Flag


    What's everyones thoughts on the Horizon being moved out of the Celebrity fleet? Is the Zenith next? I've never sailed them but there has been some great deals lately on Celebrity's smaller ships. Has anyone heard whether Celebrity will get a Voyager size ship or is the Millenium class as large as Celebrity will go given their market?

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    • I've sailed on both the Horizon and the Zenith,of which I never had any complaints about either ship. For some reason or another it seemed like the Zenith had more "charm" than the Horizon.

      Being in the travel industry and only knowing what I've read there is some talk that with Celebrity being owned by Royal Caribbean and always getting getting good raves, a new class of ships might be in Celebrity's future but no talk of what the tonnage might be. I just hope that should the Zenith be sold that Celebrity at least keeps a ship going to Bermuda from the New York area,maybe not one of the same size that parent company RCL will be doing with the Voyager of the Seas come Summer 2005 but something of a nice size range that is appealing to consumers and the powers that be with the Bermudian government.

    • The Horizon was our first cruise together back in 1993. The ship was new and the talk of the industry. Celebrity only had three ships back then: the Meridian, Horizon and the Zenith. We did a great nine day cruise out of San Juan, PR. Hope the Horizon fares better than the Meridian; when Celebrity sold it to an Asian company, it promptly sank somewhere in Indonesia.
      Seems like a bad time to build any new ships with the dollar being so weak. When the Constellation was completed in France, the Euro was at $.88 -- today the Euro cost $1.30+. A $600 million dollar ship would now cost $900 million. I say wait!!

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