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  • JaniceH_98 JaniceH_98 Mar 17, 2000 2:35 PM Flag

    Cruise business

    I was surprised by a recent RCCL (Nov. 99) cruise
    on the newest ship. Food is not what is used to be,
    kind of like a good day at Denny's. Service was only
    OK. Wrote a letter with my concers to RCCL and got no
    reply. I am looking for a better cruise line now after
    being a RCCL faithful for 12 years.

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    • The only one on this board who consistently lauds
      the brilliance of RCI's management is CruiseStaff and
      his analytical track record is less than stunning.
      Seemingly every time RCI's stock goes up cruisestaff
      credits them with being in the genius category...and
      whenever RCL stock goes down its supposedly because CCL
      management screwed up. If RCI's management is so smart how
      come they haven't been able to unhitch their star from
      Another point, since you seem to be into cruise
      product trivia, the first cruise line to shift from
      midnight buffets every evening was Celebrity Cruises well
      BEFORE RCL ever thought of buying Celebrity. Also,
      before RCL adopted "Midnight Delights" Princesss Cruises
      AND Carnival Cruise Line had already done so.

      With that said I find that a discussion that is
      focused on which cruise line has the best product is a
      pointless and fruitless discussion in this venue. If RCL
      management has anything up its sleeve for the future I would
      hope that it has something to do with generating a
      higher P/E mutiple than today's world that's
      the best test of the efficacy of a mangement
      group...not rock climbing walls or ice skating rinks or

    • I agree with those posters below who feel that
      RCL management is superior to that of all other
      lines. If they come from airlines, it doesnt mean they
      dont understand service - often people do what their
      company's culture will allow them to do or what is expected
      of them. Airlines do not expect nor do they advocate
      the customer service of a cruise. You can't compare
      one to the other. Airlines dont have to offer such
      great customer service. Cruises do. I for one feel that
      RCL has the best customer service in the industry. I
      also feel that RCL's management is fresh and not
      affraid to do something different (i.e. for example put a
      rock climbing wall or major aqua aqaurium or ice
      skating rink or "midnight delight" vs. midnight buffets).
      Speaking of midnight delight, I was just on the Legend and
      I enjoyed the new idea. Its quite smart as more
      passengers can enjoy the food which probably takes much less
      time to prepare. Also, I enjoyed walking around the
      ship/relaxing in a lunge and having the food served to me by
      several different and friendly servers. There was no line
      for a buffet and I didnt have to even move! I also
      enjoyed tasting different foods throughout the evening
      without even moving. Again, RCL leads the industry as I
      am sure other lines like princess and Holland and
      Carnival will adapt and copy thsi midnight delight. But
      again, RCL always has prime mover advantage, 1st Eagle
      class ships such as Voyager, and now midnight delight -
      I wonder what else RCL management has up their
      sleeve for the future... By the way when we were on the
      Legend some of the staff mentioned that RCL has some
      secret new line of ships coming that are supposed to be
      quite innovative and shock the industry and the

    • I have been on several cruise ships (NCL,
      Princess, RCL..,) and if you are looking for impeccable
      cuisine book a cruise on Celebrity! We did the Horizon
      for 9 nights--Southern Caribbean; Galaxy for 7
      nights--Alaska; and the Zenith for 12 nights--Panama Canal. The
      food was excellent every meal, everyday. Super clean
      ships with superior service. The dinning rooms, waiters
      and busboys are much more formal and glamorous than
      other lines. Conde Nast Traveler says the food on
      Celebrity Lines rivals that of Crystal Cruise Lines. Add to
      that the room sizes are somewhat larger. Great
      experience! Kel

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