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  • saaaywhat saaaywhat Mar 5, 2006 9:59 PM Flag

    iran oil bourse

    All this talk of nuclear capability in Iran, when the best estimates are that Iran could be at least 6 to 10 years away from developing a nuke. Why all the propaganda news now? Iran's oil bourse could be more damaging than a nuke. Reason enough not to be buying any more stock in U.S. exchanges till we see what effect the Iran oil bourse has. Might be a time to sell those issues that aren't long term holds.

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    • So this is where you've been hiding, saaaywhat! You know, it's amazing what you can find with google searches.

      As for Iran, I think they should be allowed to develop nuclear power plants. Who is anybody to tell them they aren't responsible enough to do so? Any sane country would develop a diversified energy supply. France gets ~70% of its power from nuclear.

      As for the bourse, I think the dollar is the most insecure inflated currency out there ... except for all the others.

      "Oh well, y'all voted for him, we didn't. Good luck."
      Who is 'we'. 'Fess up now, saaaywhat.

      "to promote the idea that either the U.S. or Israel should bomb the hell out of em as soon as possible". Who's promoting this? Seems like it's been the EU that has taken the hardline in negotiations with Tehran and Jacques Chirac was doing the sabre-rattling.

      Question, the absolute figures are staggering - but how does the US federal budget deficit compare to other countries as a percentage of annual tax revenue or GDP?

      Looks like another thrilling selection to join RD's board.

      Industrial corridor in Alberta, makes sense. Heavy oil production due to rise to 2.7 MMbbl/d in 2015 from 1 MMbbl/d currently. I guess all the oil going through this particular hub won't be going to China, then. ENB is planning to build a pipeline across the Rockies to Kitimat on the BC coast near Prince Rupert. But that isn't a refined products pipeline. It's a bitumen pipeline with a twinned condensate pipeline for use as diluent.

      Good to see Shell investment in China.

      Shell most sustainable. Glad to hear "Madrid-based ethics research and rating company Management & Excellence S.A." thinks so, but who really gives a ****? And 4 of the top 5 are European, along with Petrobras. Sure sure.

      So Kuwait just 'found' 9 billion boe of oil and gas. Have they appraised this? And what is the surface area of Kuwait - 17,820 square kilometers?! That's smaller than Wales. They just found it. Sure. Did you see the report circulating a few months back that said Kuwait's reserve base was about a quarter of what they're claiming? Their reserves have stayed the same for years while they pump 1 billion bbl/year out of existing fields (primarily Burgan). Hmmm.

    • Whatchu doin' sneakin' ovah heah from the RDS-A mb, saaaywhat?

      The possibility that OPEC or some portion thereof might demand payment for petroleum in a currency other than the U.S. dollar or in a basket of currencies has been a worrisome issue for well over a decade. It never has been a good idea to have liabilities denominated in a currency other than the one that you can print yourself (ask Argentina or Brazil!)

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