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  • skysaboveskys skysaboveskys Jul 30, 2003 10:34 PM Flag

    US Troops in Iraq committing suicide

    You Know it must be bad.

    A nd we have scum neocon Troskyites like Wolfowitz, Perle the prince of darkness and the AEI / Rupert Murdoch Fox facists bunch plus that little scum bag Kristol using our guys like cannon fodder.

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    • It finally dawned on me. I am so dense.

      You're Mo....
      One of the Three Stooges! could I have missed it

    • <<You did? What did you understand?>>

      I'd like to reply for him also.
      He got what that soldier's parent meant
      about you.
      YOU ARE A POS.

    • ridiculous..are you smoking crack?

    • his point of view

    • <<You my friend are a piece of shit.>>

      I'd like to express my total agreement
      with the benign sentiment posted by this mother of one of our heroes.

      It sounds like POMPOM/SAM and his gang
      are working this board.
      A large number of anti-globalists, anarchists, Socialists, Commies,etc are working these boards from the U.S. Canada,France,Russia, the MIDEAST and elsewhere.
      They are the poop that demonstrates at the World Bank,etc meetings/conferences worldwide.
      Many are relics of failed Socialist/other philosophies.
      Many are part of intelligence activities
      data mining negative/and or useful tech info.
      Most are attempting to generate confusion and chaos and recruit new members.
      So be wary of providing tech info that could help them steal OPWV's proprietary info
      or that would be useful against OPWV or
      any other U.S. company.
      All IMO only.

    • The point in skys initial post yesterday morning is that at the same time we are sending these folks into danger, we are cutting already beleagered veterans benefits by 25$ billion over the next 10 yrs., hazardous duty pay by like 20%, when many families of military already exist on food stamps this sends the wrong message to the troops-IT IS A DISGRACE!!! We should be giving them more, not less!

      Maybee this is the wrong forum, but the news media is not giving this story the coverage it deserves-ANOTHER DISGRACE!

      Due to restrictions on packages my family uses these people to deliver what we can...

    • No American wants to hear this ....please take it to the Iraq message board. Of what interest is it to anyone here? Americans are not stupid and blow themselves up we fight and will gladly die for our freedom and others. The funny thing is no one would want to die for you they probably would rather carry out such an act.Please Get lost.IMO

    • No American want to hear this ....please take it to the Iraq message board. Of what interest is it to anyone here? Americans are not stupid and blow themselves up we fight and will gladly die for our freedom and others. The funny thing is no one would want to die for you they probably would rather carry out such an act.Please Get lost.IMO

    • You piece of shit tree hugging liberal. That's right, 9/11 and everything else was all our fault because we don't understand their
      corrupt, fraud religion. Fuck off.

    • You my friend are a piece of shit. I want you to know that my son is a Ranger attached to the 101st.(AASLT). They were the first ground unit to enter Iraq. They secured a helicopter refuel point from 16 March to 4 April. This company made the refuel point operational and escorted fuel trucks to retrieve gasoline on a daily basis. This refuel point was just south of Al Nasiriyah, in a barren desert populated by Bedouins.

      On 4 April they began a series of moves that took them to South Baghdad on the 11th. There his company discovered and disabled 7 enemy helicopters and captured hundreds of mortar rounds. While in South Baghdad they supported numerous raids and searches conducted by the 3rd Infantry and were the lead force in taking the airport.

      In mid April they moved to downtown Baghdad and took residence in a lotted three-story government building. Their time there was an enormous success. They turned their part of the city from a shooting gallery into one of the calmest areas in the city. In addition, they secured over 11,000 rifle grenades and 138 SCUD rocket engines.

      On 13 May they moved again. This time to within 20 miles of the Syrian border to a town named Sinjar. There they were involved what almost became an International Incident when they fired upon Syrian Border Guards. They have kept the peace, confiscated weapons, settled disputes, and generally allowed life to return to better than normal. The Iraqi people in the vast majority support the U. S. presence and welcome them to their towns and villages.

      He is currently involved in training 800+ native Iraqis as border patrols.

      My son has a wife and two daughters (my granddaughters aged 7 & 5) living in Clarksville, Tn. They understand their fathers mission and occupation. We have a voluntary military and all serve at their own will.


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      • Thanks to you son!

        Screaming Eagles are a great outfit!

      • God Bless you sir and your son and his family. The difference between positions on the fight our soldiers are making surrounds one's background. You have so much to be proud of in your son. There is absolutely no reason to question the importance and accomplishment of our mission in that country. Happened to hear Congressman Shays say last night on Hannity and Combs (sp) that we cannot fail in Iraq. God Bless the resolve of men like your son. I have a 25 year old training right now to be a navy pilot and served as a line officer on destroyers after college for four years. Our voluntary forces are at the front of preserving our way of life. We owe so much to those here and abroad who are fighting this evil curse of humanity called terrorism.

      • I am so glad you wrote. You should be very proud of your son. I have a nephew there too. If Bush's plan works, and the middle east changes for the best -I hope the world would have the guts to say he was right.

      • Cont.
        During any time when you consider 150,000 troops, you are going to have casualties. Among these 150,000 troops, had they all been stationed in their home bases, you would have had a few that may have committed suicide, a few that may have been killed in accidents, (both military & civilian accidents), and maybe a few that would have committed a robbery or some other felony.

        I know what my son does for a living. I knew it in '91, his first deployment, and I know it now. He is a volunteer solder and loves his occupation and you should be glad that there are sons like mine. If, misfortune should befall him, I would not blame Bush, Rumsfeldt, or even those asshole Muslims, who can't seem to figure out that there aren't 72 virgins waiting for them if they martyr themselves.

        My son has requested that I send him cash with his weekly packages(which I do) so he can buy clothes, toys, and school supplies for Iraqi children who don't give a shit about Allah, God, or the Arabic machismo where children and women are considered chattel.

        Am I proud of my son and those serving? You bet I am. This will be a better world for what they do and for what their families are now sacrificing.

        So there, you, my friend, are a piece of SHIT!!

        Cheers, Jcob

      • I'm thankful for your son's service. Hope he returns home safely.

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