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    Politics --Energy--The White House:

    Event Coverage -- Tue., April 15, 2008 -- Go to
    Politics: Advisers to White House candidates discuss their positions on energy, climate, environment
    As the three remaining presidential candidates head into the home stretch of primary season, energy and environment issues have yet to make a splash in stump speeches and debates, despite the fact that each candidate has vowed to make climate and energy top priorities. During today's E&ETV Event Coverage, the candidates' energy and environment advisers give their positions on the expansion of coal and nuclear, implementation and funding of alternative energy, and climate policy. Panelists include, Jason Grumet, environmental adviser for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), Todd Stern, adviser to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), and James Woolsey, environmental adviser to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

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    • Oh, I wouldn't get my pannies all in a bunch yet.

      I hate to say, the picture portays gloom 4 everybody. There will be more people every year,requiring more demands of all resources, infrastructures,fossil fuels everything! The only one's you can't tell this to, are People. We just keep on stripping the earth of all it's resources & creating hunting seasons for everything that gets in our way(as we expand our concrete & asphalt jungles into all rural areas abroad).
      Washington (a large portion of the worlds problems) & everything around it is consumed with "self serving pompous Asses", who'll line their pockets at the expense of "We the people" with their exploits of wasteful distastefull spending. Self endulged greed. They are all selling our futures down the drain for the "pity the next guy maintenance program" We aren't fixing any of our problems. These new corporate backed campaigns are getting progressively worse,as they make record billions gouging "we the people out of our dreams". Add to this: a food shortage crises lingers in the very near future ( expected increase in floods & droughts ) due to a small climate (global warming) change. The forcloseurs will get worse since the real problem is not addressed. Come on ! bailing out a "pocket lined" ceo at bear stearns... he'll just buy more mansions & yaughts. Hello govt!!!! wake the F@ck up you have outsourced, entered Nafta free trade, ignored the borders & the laws that govern work,spent money like mad lunatics,etc etc etc... America can not change without campaign reform take corporate funding out of politics immediately b 4 it's too late!! Only money runs! only money wins! The only view we get is from the top 2 % of the richest spoiled brats in the world. Nothing is being run with any fiscal sence , including this market. This market has progressively become the most corrupt & loosely guarded place a person can put money. The SEC is another prime example of government waste!! Ok I typed too much sh!t so I'll skip the spell correct