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  • pursuitseattle pursuitseattle Feb 25, 2011 11:31 PM Flag

    Hello onesevenus new to EEE Message Board

    I looked at your profile and it appears you've been around the Yahoo message board for approximately 10 years.

    First of all I'm impressed with what I read about Madsoff!

    Also, I appreciate the fact that you are looking at "EEE" but I might sugges that you be fore warned that you will here a lot of history that is not relevant to the present "EEE" of today.

    Some indiviuals with more than one Yahoo ID like to continually write about the history of the company and former leadership. Some of what they write may be true but alot of what they say is distored information and fictional at best.



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    • RUN, RUN AWAY! The only thing EEE will do is CLEAN you out of your CASH.
      Coalking and Pursuit are the PAID stock PUMPERS on the EEE board, they both contact EEE daily for instructions. Read their posts if you dare, but KEEP AWAY from EEE!

      • 2 Replies to tzipora.wiesel
      • "tzipora.wiesel" I can't believe how easy it is for you to write such "LIES".

        You can't even begin to prove what you have written in your statement in regards to me because it's all a LIE!

        You sound so "desparate to me" you've only been posting under your Yahoo ID since February, 2011 and the acusations you make are totally unfounded.

        You need help because to me your one of the worst "BASHER's" on the board currently.

        It also leaves me wondering what your other Yahoo ID's are that you were posting under on this "EEE" message board prior to early February, 2011. Actually your probaly posting under all you other "Alias" so you can give yourself 5 stars for your post. I noticed early this a.m. that your post showed "5 stars" on your first post this morning without any responses.

        I guess I should signup to get numerous Yahoo's ID's so I can write meassages under "Alias" that way it would at least level the playing field.

        Unfortunately I'm an honest person and won't play the game of "Bashing, Slander, Harrasment, Impersonating and Lies" that you, your alias, and friends do relentlessly".

        Look forward to Good News from "EEE" in the future and that you get "squeeezed hard".



    • Sorry, for mispelling "Madoff".