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  • dontdropyourlunch dontdropyourlunch Aug 5, 2000 12:39 AM Flag


    cajun in tx and gasisthefuture and wiggly...,
    yes, we have seen the published hedges, even broken
    out by quarter in 2000, but seemingly no rational
    person can decipher how br received less $$ for its ng
    in 2Q00 than its disclosed hedge price. you know,
    someone from br investor relations could really help out
    on this. he/she does not need to enter into any
    discussion with this board. he/she could just publish some
    simple facts and explanation, and let that speak for

    i imagine it is assumed by most of you readers that
    br is letting the $2.50 hedges run off and that br
    is getting a much higher wellhead or better market
    price for the unhedged ng it is selling today and in
    the future. a perverse thought occurred to me some
    weeks ago. since br has this hedge tactic (a habit i am
    sure some powerful manager strongly believes in and
    justifies strongly, factually, and politically within br
    management), perhaps br has continued the hedging, albeit at
    higher prices. so i wonder if br likes the above $4.00
    prices so much now that they might have hedged the 4Q00
    & 1Q01 production such that br would not have the
    ability to sell at top dollar this winter when/if we have
    the $5 to $8 dollar prices that many predict and
    expect with winter shortages. when i looked at the
    numbers from many, many other ng producers this past
    quarter, it was amazing how close to top dollar many of
    the larger ones were getting. i am not bitching. i am
    making reasonable statements and posing reasonalbe
    possibilites. investor relations should get involved on this

    on another note it appears br has fewer or maybe no
    cheerleaders on this board, and that may signify a decent
    bottom has formed. it's good to see some pom poms have
    left the board. still br is isn't moving up with the
    rest the past few days. drilling in west africa press
    releases are not endearing. is that going to be LNG some
    day or is that for oil? if br jacks up production in
    the madden fields and canada fast, the analysts and
    shareholders will like that a lot. how hard could this be to
    connect the dots?

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