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  • teddy_kgb_agent teddy_kgb_agent Oct 18, 2005 3:10 PM Flag


    2,000 shares. Everyone's got to get a peice of this thing ! Go d2d!

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    • giant:

      You don't get to pick two dates. What kind of contest is that? And don't let me catch you using another alias to double your chances.

    • Dear (Un)Informative, Now that you've posted that convicing list, I'm about to sell and invest the proceeds in Lotto tickets. Again, thanks tor the well reasoned advice. The only reservation I have is that maggots mature into flies, and then soar upward.

    • Here is my thinking: It will be a Tuesday or Thursday and before Thanksgiving or possibly Christmas (so we can all enjoy the holidays in style!). I like a mid-month announcement. For November, I would expect it to be just before or simultaneous with a 3rd qtr. earnings release, so I will go with November 15. As a fallback, December 13.

      Of course, one must realize if one of us is accurate, PRKR may alter the disclosure just to insure we can not call them predictable.

      Bottom line: An announcement anytime soon will be sweet enough.

    • Trub:

      Nov 8, 2005

      all the best


    • Listin maggot.if you want to invest in a maggots dream buy a lotto ticket...then again you maggots buying to keep the parker family going and going.
      let's see to have 20% of market share of pa's!
      1) does prkr have products for pa's ?
      . no
      2) does prkr have rev's?
      . no
      3) does prkr has proven product in the market?
      . no
      4) did prkr's promise ever came true?
      . no
      5) does prkr always give rosey pic during c/c?
      . yes
      what a bunch of maggots.

    • Thanks again (Un)Informative. The clarity and objective analysis you provide,simplifies the complicated financial issues that confront us all.

    • Listin
      REV is 0
      Earnings is - 3~5mil
      This stock is a MAGGOTS DREAM...
      ARE WE AT $1 YET?

    • urspond

      I was being more than a little facietious (sp?) The final line being the relevant one I think. No matter what ones information, if one doesn't trade on it, there is nothing illegal in talking about it, though there certainly could be ethical questions.

    • hnuir-

      Just a guess. I don't know whether or when PRKR will announce anything.

      Teddy has a somewhat expansionist view of the scope of insider trading rules. It is very clear that an "insider" (that is somebody that works inside the company) may not trade on the basis of material undisclosed information.

      Then there is a large category of those that trade on the basis of information received from an insider (Martha Stewart for example), commonly referred to as "tippees". This area is very complex and varies from federal circuit to federal circuit. The reason, I suggest, they did not charge Martha with insider trading is because, under the case law of the 2d Circuit, she did not commit that crime.

      Last there are those that know things about the company from sources other than insiders. A large OEM that has decided to order a bezillion chips falls into this category. It has been suggested that this may be a source of buying pressure on PRKR and there has been some indignation on this board about this being 'insider trading'. Not so. There is nothing illegal about an OEM front-running an announcement of its purchase by buying the stock. There is, however, an obligation placed on PRKR to announce a material deal as soon as they know (not suspect, know) that it is done. As long as an OEM trades before they nail themselves down completely to the deal, they are not committing a crime.

    • I really hope neither one of you are exactly correct. If you are, imagine how teddy will scream about insider knowledge! Of course if you don't trade based on it then ....

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