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  • tyus_edney tyus_edney Apr 24, 2007 6:20 AM Flag

    How is anyone gullible enough to own this stock?

    Greetings, PRKR board. I have followed this board for a while but with all the action recently and the endless waiting for that design win I figured I would finally chime in.

    For my first post I would simply like to say I am amazed that anyone out there is gullible enough to own this stock. It looks like such a transparent fraud with such a long history of grandiose promises and failed execution that I find it incredible that anyone could believe in Jeff Parker and this BS company. Not to mention the idea that Tier 1 cell phone or chip OEMs with huge R&D staffs are going to license an RF design from a few jokers in Florida who have never published a paper or created a successful commercial RF product is laughable.

    Then again, I am shocked that people are dumb enough to buy �The Secret� DVDs by the millions. Maybe one of you longs should buy the DVD and send it to Jeff Parker. If anyone needs to know about the Law of Attraction, it�s him. Maybe by wishing and wanting it hard enough he can get the Tier 1 OEM license that has eluded him for so long. Lord knows nothing else he is doing is working.

    My theory is at least one, and probably more, of the large institutional holders are not dumb enough to actually believe Jeff Parker or the EGE reports, but are banking on a price spike after the long awaited press release touting a �design win�, at which time they will try to create enough volume through their pump and dump techniques to exit the stock. But this is only my theory, and who knows if it will work.

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    • I like what you have to say, however as my name indicates I am a Newby. Will you please expand on your views? I have been looking into cheap stocks for a while & came accross this one & I have serious concerns about the validity of this company. If I have been reading correctly, they have never made a profit, lost millions of dollars & have no future in any industry. Plus they are "shorted" vigorously. Why are they still in exsistence? I would appreciate any light you are able to shed.

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      • The short answer: there is a sucker born every minute.

        The long answer: they have stayed in business because since their IPO (in 1994 I think) they have raised money numerous times from institutional investors. Their pattern is:
        Step 1: Make public claims to have a breakthrough technology that is going to make tons of money
        Step 2: Use this business plan to raise money from new investors at hedge and mutual funds
        Step 3: By the time it is apparent their latest business plan has failed, they already have the money in the bank. The old investors sell the stock and go away
        Step 4: Make a new PowerPoint presentation with some ludicrous claim about a new "breakthrough" technology. Proceed to step 1. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        There have been 4 or 5 of these cycles since their IPO. You might rightly ask why new investors keep giving them money. I don't fully understand it either, but with the explosion of hedge fund and mutual fund assets there are a lot of potential sources out there. It only takes 2 or 3 people gullible, stupid and/or lazy enough to fall for the latest PowerPoint to raise millions of dollars and keep the cycle going. Jeff Parker must be a persuasive guy.

        Normally a business like this would be funded by venture capitalists- people who would keep the business private, take a hands on approach to running the company, introduce the fledgling business to industry contacts and do detailed technical due diligence before making an investment. These are the last kind of investors Jeff Parker wants. He depends on investors being naive so he finds people who have a lot of money to put to work and a limited bandwidth for research.

      • Ponzi scheme.

        Teddy KGB, in Palm Beach FL

    • You misunderstand the biz model. The business of prkr is buying and selling the stock, not chips - some people make a lot of money from it so it goes on.

    • <<But this is only my theory, and who knows if it will work.>>

      Putting your analysis in theoretical terms, Mr. Edney, may be enough to keep you out of legal trouble. I recommend that approach to your teammates.

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