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  • roundermatt roundermatt Dec 9, 2007 5:39 PM Flag

    Blame Jeff - Dumb Manager

    In total, the short position is a loser at about $9/sh and with much more risk added in the last year as the number of shares shorted has doubled to tamp down the share price. This was done of course to start a panic too -- a strategy that hasn't worked at all, until maybe last week -- we will see how well it worked at the end of this month, when I predict the short position will fall 20% max through the 15th -- probably all by Farmwald.

    You, Dummies, were obviously not smart enough to cover at $7 like the soulless thug who is your hero. Of course, small-shorts could have nimbly traded around any volatility, just like in Vegas. But I have no idea who on this board did or didn't do that and it's pure gambling anyway. In the long run every gambler is a loser -- just look at any casino stock if you don't believe me. But, again, if you have watched the short interest for the last five years or so, it is no secret that the overall short position is slightly underwater at this point and has doubled in size and risk over a very short period of time without achieving its objective of panicing long holders.

    Btw, you say I have tunnel vision. I have engaged everyone here willing to dialog on any relevant topic, including Farmwald on Technology, BJ on business, Notios on so-called scams, Baron on management, Urspond on his unique insight into the players, etc., and even you about the "short position" and Teddy about the charts, which is about as shallow as I'm willing to go. I like to debate the specifics and I try to respond directly to what people say.

    With such a broad list of topics addressed and usually responded to until a reasonable exchange of ideas is completed, I'm not sure why you say I have tunnel vision. Care to explain what you mean by that?
    <Out of every poster on this board, who in your estimation has made the most money on this stock?
    I would ask the same question of the tunnel-visioned rounder.>

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