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  • thourough1234 thourough1234 Jan 27, 2009 1:47 PM Flag

    Heard A Rumour....

    Heard There Tech Is Going In The New Wrist Phones...With Other Applications Comming....We'll See....Watch Out..

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    • why is it the people who suspect some paid pumper are the ones who trash the boards, often (not saying you) trying to manipulate small stocks like XCOR or OIIM? I have my REAL NAME on the post. I work in Silicon Valley in semis, and I admire this firm. Anyone who proves SiLabs is wrong is more than all right in my book! OK, and I like underdogs, that's why I rode (worked at) LLTC from $80M to $500M and rode (worked at) BBRC from $80M to $350M with a $7.7B sale to Tex Inst in 2001.
      Just a regular guy who knows killer technology when I see it. I have no connection to Parker whatsoever. The $25M comment is not jumping the gun,,,,it refers to the PUBLIC notice of securities solicitations arrangments. First LG, now securities offering,,,,sounds like someone is setting up a good manufacturing, PE ad QA setup to me, and trying to do it fast in a market where VC $$$ are not easy to come by. I have spent many days on Sand Hill Rd and I know that gig. I doubt PRKR would have done all the hard work to set up something like that, if there was nobody who would get in on it, with a great pitch behind it. But, hey, there is always the chance I am wrong, but I really doubt it! When I clean up, I will post again with the 'ITYS' message.

    • rumor? not a rumor. read news and you will figure it out. (yes I hold shares, LONG TERM)

      I had one of their early 802.11 pcmcia cards and could sniff DOZENS of networks at high powers that my PC could not even see. I wanted to quit work and promote this stuff!
      Even working 1/4 mile down the road from a fixed WAP box, this stuff is amazingly good. SiLabs guys said they could not do it, but they did it!

      LG is one of the BIG-2 in Korea and their manufacuring and supply network is run by some BIG CHEESE in Korea. Very plugged into the Korea market, where there is huge demand.

      With the $25M in cash coming in (pulbic info) these guys will be shipping volume quality production and the people there know how to do it.

      Look at the people here! One is Hightower, who is VERY experienced, and a great visionary. Very impressive. One ex of one other veteran is:
      From 1976 to 1981 Mr. der Torossian was president of the Santa Cruz Division of PLANTRONICS where he also served as vice president of the Telephone Products Group. Previous to that he spent four years at SPECTRA-PHYSICS and twelve years with HEWLETT-PACKARD in a variety of management positions. From 1997 to 2001, Mr. der Torossian served on the board of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group. In March 2003, he joined the board of directors as chairman of Therma-Wave, Inc., a Company engaged in the manufacture and sale of process control metrology systems used in manufacturing semiconductors.

      This one , if you can ride out the swings, is L-O-N-G with lots of upwards potential, triple digits percentages.

      I like this firm a lot!

    • I heard the same thing - D2W (Direct to Wrist) and it might be more than a rumor

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