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  • cap_depreciation_fund cap_depreciation_fund Feb 19, 2009 12:46 PM Flag

    What we really know about Dr. Farmwald

    One thing we do know from his writings - his professional opinion is that he strongly suspects that Parkervision is a stock scam of the highest degree.

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    • ohhy, we will print more shares.........

    • From the "takes one to know one" files?

      Let's see what other baloney you're vending.

      "Basically Mike was not very active in the company when Tate and the lawyers started getting greedy/desperate after the Intel 820/rdram fiasco (apparently caused by bad intc engineering wrt timing) and had moved on to other things."

      So in 1998, when Tate sent out the super secret e-mail about how Gelsinger was really, finally fed up this time and not kidding around any more about kicking Farmwald's crap outfit to the curb...

      That e-mail, where the most important conclusions were that they might have to sue world + dog really really quick and they'd better put the shredders in overdrive, but they could still keep dumping their stock Farmwald was certainly "out of the loop", no?

      He was obviously so busy in the super-science lab with beakers of bubbling bits to mail right back like this...

      "I also think we should carefully document all conversations with Intel. If it comes to all-out war, many of the statements/demands they've made will look extremely bad both to the press, a court, and to the FTC. More interesting, if they violate the current contract, are we in a position to go after them for royalties (punitive?) on their chips, cpu, etc. that violate *any* of Rambus' patents?"

      He was probably so involved in bit Physics in 2000 he couldn't tear himself away from the bit beaker to file his form 4 until 2003.

      Nice timing, right?

    • cap_depreciation_fund cap_depreciation_fund Feb 19, 2009 12:54 PM Flag

      It is interesting to compare the bashing of Dr F. with the bashing of Manuel Asensio from years back. Asensio was of course the previous villianous short who first said prkr's developments at the time (this was pre-d2p) was a scam and it appears he was 100% correct.

      If you go back a few years on this board you can see the same cast of characters (prkr employees) bashing Asensio.

      Same-old-sht but quite funny in a sordid way.

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