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  • pvnotes pvnotes Jun 29, 2009 8:45 PM Flag

    I must have touched a nerve - post deleted in record time

    The list of names associated with ParkerVision was deleted in the last few hours - less than one day after it was posted. Jeff and his "friends" must have been panicked about some of the names on the list - they sure moved fast.

    I put up a copy at
    The contest is still on.
    Comments on the names are very welcome. I have a fair bit of information about most of them, but would welcome more.

    Just to make it clear - I don't believe that all of the names on the list are active in the PRKR fraud. Some them clearly are knowingly participating; while some *probably* are just being fooled themselves, but are not willing to admit it. Clearly, I would like to understand why the honest ones can't see the obvious.

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    • or if prkr gave a decent paper at a respected RF conference - but we all know that ain't gonna happen don't we?

    • It's so exciting feeding a multi-nymed message board troll.

      How are those lawsuits over bogus "technologies" that you and your partner lie about going, numbat? Have you poured enough quarters into the one-armed bandit so that you thinl the next spin will get you a big payout?

      Too bad you gambled away your little stock scam outfit, Brainiac, so that it won't make any difference to your greedly little mitts what happens.

    • I fully respect Urspond but, based on his own comments, will he be comfortable digesting technical info that may be outside his level of expertise? If they throw a bunch of mumbo jumbo out there, how could a non-engineer evaluate it fully? Perhaps, Urspond would be able to have an RF engineer along side him for a conversation.

      Ultimately, the only way to fully evaluate anyone's comments is to throw them out there for all to evaluate from a variety of perspectives taking into account the source. Anything less will be like playing tennis one-handed.

    • Based on URSPONDS postings, I look forward to his/hers interpretations of the contacts opinions.

      This is a good step towards clarity.

      The problem has always been pvnotes "all knowing" approach to their attack.

      At least URSPOND will have a chance to hear from these people and maybe relay an opinion to the rest of us.

    • call his bluff! Urspond can let us know if the info changed his mind, period, and probably even more details w/out coming close to breaking such an agreement. His conclusions about impact on his investment decisions would be useful to me and i would guess many on this board

    • I don't really care about *your* judgment - this is for URSPOND only.

      I'm setting up calls that would allow URSPOND to form a very accurate assessment about what is really going on with PRKR. Either you trust him or you don't, but only he will have the information about the sources and their credibility. If the sources allow URSPOND to release more information, that's up to them.

    • The problem, as I see it, is that if you can't state who they are, then you can't discuss any agenda that they may have. For example, if a decision to use the D2P rf module is made at one level, there may be dissension at lower levels, perhaps from some people who have loyalties to other vendors, or who benefit personally from doing business with other vendors.

      Unless we hear from someone who is in a position to make a final decision, or who has made such a decision, it will be very difficult to judge the validity of the information thus obtained.

    • Yes, of course, URSPOND can pass on the information, as long as he does it in a way that protects the identities of those who want to remain unknown. Many of them don't care much and simply don't want to be harassed by Jeff Parker and his "friends". To most of them, ParkerVision is a ludicrous joke that will eventually go away on its own.

      I will have to trust in URSPOND to accurately and unbiasedly report on what he hears.

    • Someday you'll have to get over it and realize that you're a nothing.

      A never was and a never will be. Has beens point you out as an example of what not to become.

      Here's a clue for the contest:

      Simply because you attract the attention of the lowest forms of message board troll doesn't make you "important" or any of the nonsense you babble relevant to anything even tangential to reality. You may just strike them as a kindred spirit out of your depth in an argument you can't even try to win and in desperate need of the "aid" of their "skillz".

      Good luck in the race to win the coveted SignalMAX WR1500, "Mr. Danforth".

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      • Is anyone still using a ParkerVision SignalMAX WR1500? I've retired mine for two reasons:

        1) Current Flash content in some on-line ads causes it to lock up. If the product were still supported, a firmware upgrade might address the problem. The worst were the AT&T ads on these Yahoo pages. Even with a new router, they take forever to load and prevent navigation away from the page for quite some time. They stopped the WR1500 dead in its tracks, requiring re-booting.

        2) WEP encryption these days is akin to no encryption at all. It can be hacked in about five minutes with the right software.

        I've switched to 802.11n routers, and, frankly, don't get quite the range or signal strength that I got with the ParkerVision, but they work and are secure -- for now.

    • I'm curious as to why I had the honor of making the list.

      As for my true identity, crj are actual my initials, and I asked a question on a conference call once, so if you really want to, you can figure out my name.

      I'll give you a hint, it isn't on your list.

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      • The criteria for the ID list is posting only glowingly positive things about ParkerVision, which fit "crj_" (admittedly not to the extreme slavishness of roundermatt, trublvrprkr or giantstepformankind).

        I reviewed your questions to Jeff. I would agree that you asked legitimate questions, not setups or softballs like many of the conference call question (and nearly always by the same names).

        You've followed the company for at least 6 years (according to an earlier post of yours, you've been posting since at least 2003.) In early 2005, Jeff Parker announced that PRKR had, in hand, a working chip, which implemented 3x higher-efficiency PA, and that the chip would ship to customers in volume in late 2005. Did this happen? Of course not, and Jeff has burnt (no better word to describe it) approximately $100M since that announcement. This has been repeated, with variations, at least 5 times since 2005 (and, of course, was standard Parker operating procedure pre-2005 - if I went into those episodes this message would go on forever). You (and the other "bulls") are now eagerly awaiting the latest "working chip" and "volume shipments this fall".

        In the past, I've offered to introduce investors to my sources at Via Telecom, ITT, RFMD, Skyworks, Samsung, etc. who have seen the ParkerVision technical details and could give you an honest (and valuable) feedback. No a single "bull" has taken me up on the offer.

        Anyway, the behavior of the PRKR followers never ceases to amaze me.

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