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  • kmo1309 kmo1309 Feb 23, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    The stock price will double this time next week! The momentum will be enhanced due to the storyline!

    Ahhh the shorts are exposed… and they could lose everything. Unfortunately, at this point Qualcomm doesn’t care about you. They have their own concerns to worry about. They are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun that has implications that far exceed net worth and dollar signs. Their reputation is on the line and with that business alliances with Apple, Samsung, etc. that will certainly be reassessed when Qualcomm loses at trial. And how do you estimate PV’s damages? Do you go back to the offer that Q made for PV and start multiplying? How many zeros? If Apple and Samsung are involved how embarrassing for Q. This stock price will continue to escalate despite the shorts feeble attack to minimize the ruling handed down by the judge. By the end of the month, the price could be over $10/share or more, as more news comes out from the different media sources. What a good story too! David versus Goliath as big bully and big business Qualcomm cannot force little Parker vision to sell its trade secrets so it steals them instead. Watch the bump in the first few days next week!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • As you say - the Markman ruling was a disaster for QCOM. The shareholders who had stop-loss orders in were the lucky ones. The inevitability of a multi-billion dollar damages order and royalty payments going forward sparked panic-selling amongst institutional investors desperate to cut their losses - sending the share price into free-fall.

      In just two days since the news broke the share price has dropped a full $0.33, from $65.27 to $64.94.

      I don't think the QCOM board and top management will be getting much sleep this weekend.

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      • Fud, stay with your bashing, sarcasm is not your strong suit. The best thing you can hope for is the share price to stay low so you don’t have to cover the difference. Provided you have the difference? And if you have a wife (that is a stretch, I know) I hope to hell you have told her about what is going on and the chances that you may be bankrupt soon. The chances of the share price going down are nil and the chances of Q winning the court case are nil too. My hope for you is that you figure out that in the long run that your greed and your lying serves no one.

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