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  • longprkr longprkr May 30, 2013 9:50 PM Flag

    5/30 Seeking Alpha article - Going to Trial

    Four months till October. This case will be put to a jury - a Jacksonville jury.

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    • Yup - should be fun - One can just imagine the qcom lawyer leading the jury thru the sordid 20 plus year history of this scam - the stuff the longs hate to talk about - JP must be praying for an unlikely settlement.

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      • rallen51790 May 31, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

        I do not think it would be smart for qualcomms lawyers to bring up parkervision's business history. This whole case is about how this little company in Florida got bullied, beaten, and pick pocketed by big bad Qualcomm of their pride and joy d2d. Parkervision stopped making there other products(wireless router, home phone, ect.) to focus on the prospect of d2d revolutionizing the cell phone industry. They had problems selling it because Qualcomm was already using it and had the market cornered off. It's hard for a up and comer to battle the world champion in the market especially when the chanpion is cheating. Now this is my own opinion but once prkr started to gain steam and started to try and sell there product Qualcomm set out to destroy parkervision. That's where mike farmwald and bashers comes in. There is no reason why a CEO of a company starts a website strictly to destroy a companies reputation let alone post on this board as frequently as him with out incentive. I do believe that this will come up during the trial but that is a different subject for a different time. In conclusion i do believe that if qualcomms lawyers bring up prkrs business history prkr lawyers will eat it up and use it to their advantage.
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      • Yes, and also the PRKR lawyers telling a Jacksonville jury how the big bully from San Diego tried to steal from a small-fry what was not theirs. Two stories to tell the jury. Wonder which one will impact more?

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