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  • tybalt tybalt May 24, 2000 1:08 AM Flag

    Prior art, current art, and litigation

    I have seen first hand what happens when a small
    company asserts its patents against a larger company.
    Whoever has the most money has the advantage. I hope PRKR
    is aware of that. Having a large law firm
    represented on the board of directors does not help them. It
    is in the interest of the law firm to stir up

    Litigation is an economic choice based on risk/return
    factors. Each potentail licensee is looking at maybe $100
    M in royalties versus a $5 M gamble that has a one
    in three chance of overturning a good patent. If
    these patents have a weak foundation, it's not much of
    a gamble. That is why I am making waves.

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    • Ty, Good points. We've all seen situations in
      which a smaller company's IP has been defended by a
      "rich uncle" acting in its own best interest. For
      example, IF (a big if!) there really is a PRKR/SBL/INTC
      alliance forming, Intel would undoubtedly be prepared to
      help defend PRKR's patents - it's usually less costly
      to license and defend someone else's IP than to
      develop it in-house, if the deal is right. If PRKRs
      patents are trashed, then no one gets to keep the pot of
      gold. OTOH, we've all seen cases in which perfectly
      good patents were crushed by a well-heeled opponent. I
      (as a long-time long) really hope that a powerful
      alliance is announced BEFORE the value of this technology
      is generally recognized. PRKR is about to win the
      lottery, and it's time to get a bodyguard.

    • I guess if PRKR gets a little more cash added to their balance sheet.. or a larger company to invest.. this will really help their strategy.

      My fingers are crossed.

    • Sterne is the attorney of record, he is on the
      board of directors, his PV compensation, obviously in
      the form of stock, is directly tied to the results of
      PV, and you assert that he wants to generate business
      for his law firm, fighting over PV patents. That's a
      whopper if I ever heard one. Get real. Sterne has done a
      magnificent job of researching the patents and giving a
      plethora of "cites" (another one of those patent attorney
      words) in fact more than I have ever seen in any patent
      I have reviewed. He has this stuff nailed, your
      minor comments notwithstanding. Jeff Parker can smell a
      "rat" a mile a way. Sterne et. al. are no rats.

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