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  • almost_totally_bald almost_totally_bald Feb 25, 2009 9:47 AM Flag

    Except for a 100 share trade

    near closing two days ago for 4.70, this stock has been sliding downhill everyday since Feb 9th.

    It's been ugly, and I think it will get uglier. There is no buying pressure, no new buyers, only sellers, mostly small, who basically have to get out for their own reasons.

    Web's right - it's not going to be small-cap mega conferences where 8 people see a half hour presentation that gets us buyers. It's going to be getting CPI mentioned on CNBC, Bloomberg, or picked up by well-known analysts.

    It ain't happening right now.

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    • I don't understand why we have to wait until March to get year-end results. If they are as good as Mr Fred is projecting than they should have been announced a long time ago. There really isn't that much counting to get to the results. Mr Fred keeps talking about $35MM sales and $2.6MM in net income. If we don't make those numbers we will get slaughtered. We have to do at least 10% higher to make a positive impact. Anything less than $2.8MM or $2.9MM will be perceived as negative because he keeps telling us that $2.6 MM is the number.
      Release the numbers before the stock is trading back to $2.00. We are at a 52 week low right now with all the great things coming, How much worse can it be?


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      • An independant auditor does the annual financials. There are some revenue recognition/accounts receivable issues that are somewhat different than most firms have, and I'm sure they hire a small firm.

        Virtually all small-cap companies report much later than mid, or large caps primarily because they use small auditing firms.

        It's just a fact of small-cap life.

        Now, as for results, I don't see anything they announce helping - even if they come in at 2.9 or 3M, nobody but us cares. There might be a short-term rise, but it will fade.

        And you are right about what will happen if we come in short, because Fred has set us up to expect the numbers will meed his projections.

        Still a long time to go before we see the numbers. Frankly, I think we could see 3.xx per share before then, or after.

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