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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Nov 8, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    I will sell most of my stock at

    20 and will put the price in so if you want to get rid of me --- 20 bucks is the cost. Boolean

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    • Oh goody, now we'll all be able to hear your Bull for years. Just think, if you would have sold your 1000 shares at 16 and put all your money in that penny garbage you would have actually shown us you that you are as smart as you tell us you are. So now we will just have to listen to your Bull on how to run a company, as if you actually have ever done it.

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      • then of course there is halliburton, chevron, conoco, etrade,taser,ricks,courier,gold (will rise strongly soon - way oversold), medifast,earthstone,siri sat/rad, lexicon genetics,louisana pacific, and many many more.........I always found fund managers to underperform so I finally went my own way. Good article in WSJ today saying the same thing and also how people who buy funds also underperform the fund itself due to their need to sell on fear and the like AND those people who use advisors lost even more as most advisors tend to follow the same scheme....ah human nature is such a fool.

      • nicky -- so you don't have any faith either as you say "now we'll all be able to hear your Bull for years" ---- BUT small caps are all the rage so cpi should see some money flow especially since next quarter should be pretty good. Yes I do quite well - the site I am on I note any new buys just as I did on earthstone with rig and BAM it is up huge in weeks. Same with high yield bonds at the bottom and BAM a solid bounce UP. Yes I am short treasuries - long the S&P via leveraged ETF and same with Russell's for the past years since 2009 and BAM they are up huge as you know. Microsoft, yahoo,ge,csco,staples,mcdonalds,walgreens,mmm,starbucks,biogen,ford,cliffs,friedman,ebay, (yes at two and change) and many many more I bought just before the market turn ---- you know I said the market back then would rise higher than any one thought BUT most people would not be in the market until late in the cycle -- right now about 18% of people own stock SO most have missed the market as I said. Now ntn is unproven BUT it has huge potential IF they can pull this off. It is no sure bet but it looks like a good GAMBLE - HIGH RISK PLAY and it has doubled for good reason. Now that said, it can just as well lose all of that and more IF they miss the mark as I note on that site. Not for bread money. Listen to the CC coming up - don't buy now just listen and see where they are at. I explained a little there what to watch for.
        NOW - Fred has get this stock going -- it is looking weak right here and would not be surprised if it fell next week beginning Monday/Tuesday. But who knows money flow into the small fries is up so it may garner some of those peso's.
        Lastly - I am now deeply looking into EMERGING MARKETS and some METALS FUNDS -- both are bombed out. Good luck my friend and I do hope CPI can rise above its channel so I can sell in the
        FROTHY ZONE. Best would be to SELL THE COMPANY. Boolean
        *Lastly watch mercadolibre - bombed will rise again as always let it settle 1st

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