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  • the_nervous_resistor the_nervous_resistor Jul 17, 2003 8:15 PM Flag


    OK, to avoid the bench work that is 6-feet behind me right now, I'll list ways I can personally pursue to keep CFO's, CEO's, and investment bankers from running away with all the wealth that flows through American business. In parentheses, my rating of how effective this will be: (weak, fair, good, excellent).

    1. Tell my Congressman at the next local meeting that I oppose weakening of SEC regulation and enforcement. (weak)

    2. At the Congressman's next fundraiser I attend, put the concern public in front of donors. "My continued donation is dependent upon your record." (weak)

    3. Write to the directors of my mutual funds, telling them corporate governance standards are uppermost in my mind. (weak)

    4. Write to the boards of companies I purchase products from, again with stated concerns. Identify their competitors' products and more favorable corporate behavior. (fair)

    5. How about contacting district sales managers of companies. They are not too high up to be unreachable. And, they are not so far down in a company, that their voice isn't heard by upper management. After all, they make the sales, and no sales means no reason to make stuff. (fair)

    6. through 99. More reasonable, but all milk toast ways to protest. (All weak and fair.)

    ... OK. Back to wiring.


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