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  • man_at_dow man_at_dow Dec 5, 2003 10:48 PM Flag

    Personal thoughts

    After getting back from a trip and wading (very quickly) through a couple of hundred bickering posts, I thought I would add my three cents. First to let everyone know my political position-a moderate Republican who�s been known to sneak a foot into the other camp on occasion.

    My first cent. For those who spend their waking moments hating Clinton as evil or immoral:

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, founders of our country � owned human beings as slaves. Andrew Jackson � committed ethnic violence and genocide against Native Americans as he displaced tribes from their lands for the benefit of the "superior" white race, forced them on a death march, and starved them in concentration camps.

    Does marijuana use (or cocaine by Bush) approach the evilness of these actions? I believe that the surprise to many �Christians� on Judgment Day will be when God reveals their biggest sin to be the joy, satisfaction, and smugness they felt as they judged and condemned the sins of others from their pulpit of righteousness.

    BTW, Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson are all honored on U.S. money. Maybe we should replace one of them with Ronald Reagan instead of displacing FDR.

    My second cent. The data doesn�t support the assertion that Republicans are anti-government.

    First they love economically supporting the military although a return to traditional American values would be to abolish the standing army and rely on the patriotism of individuals to protect their homes by forming militias and volunteer armies should it ever come under attack.

    Second they don�t ever cut middle-class entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, agricultural subsidies, etc. because they know where the votes are as well as the Democrats. That means they really only attack the remaining 5-10% of the budget which would be items like funding of the arts, programs directly aimed at the poor, etc., which don�t have big voting constituencies and are therefore safe to attack.

    Want proof? George Bush � increased military spending, increased spending on prescription drugs (a repeat of the successful Nixon strategy of moving to left of center to ensure re-election), added another department (Homeland Security) to government, relies on deficit spending (�permanent� tax cuts thereby securing votes on the right, after all one can always blame future deficits on socialist Democrats and welfare queens).

    My third cent. There are some sensible Republicans (other than the loudly obnoxious Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh types) although at times we are marginalized in our own party.

    There actually was a coalition of moderate Republicans willing to work with the Clintons on the most deficient aspects of the health care system in the early 90s. Bill allowed Hillary to be in total control of the effort (probably to make amends for his sexual indiscretions), although she had never had any political experience. She was arrogant, refused to work with those Republicans, and tried to force her own personal health care system onto the U.S. The result was a fiasco and resulted in health care reform being dropped as an issue even to this day.

    Lastly, in the words of a famous American,
    �Can�t we all just get along?�

    I doubt it.

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