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  • firemik1 firemik1 Feb 27, 2004 5:04 PM Flag

    OL Rocket

    Why do some of you ride Ol rocket so much, everyone takes a thrashing from rocket. Let it roll off. It should not make you mad unless it is true about you. Whether rocket talks about the ol street cleaner or jokes about "Puds" getting the boot, I doubt he has any direct connection in getting anyone ushered along on their new endeavors.

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    • Sounds just like me. I guess you were right all the time.

    • well rugrat..... that request be no problem!!!!!!!!!!

      Definiton of Manmgmnt:
      Any Exempt senior pud

      Definiton of Mole:
      Has a length from nose to tale bout 3.25 inches, wit a tail length bout 1.5 inches more. Has a weight bout 1-2 ounces. A mole apeers naked at furst glance, but a few pale-colored hairs are scattered bout the head and tail. Their are promenent wiskers and a fringe of fine hair along the edges of the feets. Has no swet glands or a subcutaneus fat layer like other mammals, which is why the skin is so wrinkly. Skin color is pinkish or yellowish in color. Also has short, broad head, minute eyes, no external ears, and very prominent incisor teeth.

    • Rocky
      Please define "management mole".
      I retired as Grade 7 technician. Hardly management. And to be a mole, one would expect a certain amount of anonymity. More of the people know me by name when the read this board than anyone else here.

      Also, you would not expect a management mole to have the dogs sicced on him when he goes for a walk.

    • Hed,

      Another conclusion to consider, if you will, is that furry has a solid foundation in the comings-and-goings of the workplace. And from his experience, he's drawn a few conclusions that are worth listening to.

      I may not agree with him all the time, but an experienced voice is a valuable resource for me. And, the more that it differs from what I think, the more it is worth considering.

      OK. Done preaching. Hope I take my own advice. Have a great weekend.


    • Why do we ride Rocket? I would ride anyone with the work ethic displayed by this person. He is proud of doing as little as possible and screwing every last penny out of the company. We do not need folks like that in Dow!

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      • well may not need em but let Ol Rocket let you in ona secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oncet THE STREETCLEENERS gone Ol Rocket will be still be hear an the same cant be said fer most the puds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An Ol Rocket is VERY proud of gitten his fare share, witch is anything OVER 50% by werkin his fare share, witch is anything UNDER 50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouleeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Just what the hell you think that the big boys at the top do? " Ole Rocket" may joke around about going for the jingle and putting in the OT but it's guys like him on the front line that keep the production units running. I worked production as staff (ol UCC language for run plant) and I have been there with opetators, instrument techs and others, for many, many, hours trying to fix and or start-up what some "pud" (as ole rocket would say) who never spent a day in operations, decide that, because some six sigma dude showed that their project would save a gajillion dollars and therefore make him and some DH (in mean leader) look good, needed to be installed ( for those of you out there that judge posters by their language skills and gradma, I know that the previous is a really bad run on sentence). These kind of "puds" get promoted while the guys that straightened out there mess get screwed because they couldn't control the OT. I have seen leaders in both hUCC and Dow, that have no clue how things really are between the battery limits. They get their degrees, suck some a--, and become fast trackers. Mean while those of us who really like the technical stuff and problem solving get stepped on so they can move on up. How soon they forget.

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