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  • the_nervous_resistor the_nervous_resistor Apr 12, 2004 2:31 AM Flag

    Job Cuts

    Just a thought here to possibly deal with the corporate politics of SS. The key here is to start a paper trail for a good idea, then let your boss steal it to do your marketing and leg work within the SS process.

    To start, you restate your idea in the form of a patent disclosure, which provides a paper documentation trail for who could get credit if and when it comes to that. Does a disclosure have to be a work of art? No. Key point is to take the original idea, cloud it with alot of BS charts, flow diagrams, formulas, etc. Make sure your boss will not really understand it. Note, a disclosure does not have to be "patentable" at that point, it is simply a written description of an idea. No claims are needed. Make sure to get a collegue to witness the material.

    If your boss doesn't understand it, then he or she'll just sign it to get it off their desk.

    Next, the disclosure goes to the legal office. They will call you into sign over the rights, and you get your "consideration," a buck. They will file it for follow up in 6 to 9 months.

    After you get the disclosure signed and filed with the legal office, then you clean the original material up, remove the graphs and flowcharts. Get the language simple. Then re-submit it to your boss for the SS process. He or she won't even recognize that it was the patent disclosure. So, the boss goes to town, thinking they've just stole another great idea. They will then do six months of marketing and politicing to get this turkey to fly. If it does, then contact the legal office. Tell them you'd like to get that disclosure cleaned up for a filing. Maybe even a provisional one, which is cheap and needs no claims.

    At that point, reintroduce your boss to the patent disclosure and filing. They may be pissed. But, you can offer a nice solution of putting their name on the patent. (Happens all the time.) Besides, how are they going to refuse? If anything comes of the development, you share in the credit.

    Anyway, just a thought. And, don't get too depressed over the crap going on at Dow. It's always been like that. Maybe worse now, but it's been bad in the past.

    Have a good week.


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