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  • mikehammer81586 mikehammer81586 Nov 2, 2004 9:44 PM Flag

    Questions for the board

    Dow Chemical said it'd been having positive cash flow for a while now. Can someone tell me how to calculate cash flow, and why it's important?

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    • Maybe I am, but at least I can spell it correctly.

    • Please continue to travel to Europe. Something tells me you'll be the last one to figure out that liberals are way out of touch with the U.S. electorate. Perhaps you should try your line of B.S. in, say, Paris.

      Dow Chemical going strong. Cash flow not withstanding.

    • Jerk? You're gonna hurt my feelin's. Did I forget to mention good riddance to Tom Daschle? What a shame. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

      You liberals lost your common sense a long time ago. Now it seems you have also lost your sense of humor. If you keep nominating socialists, you're going to keep losing. Be my guest, go ahead and nominate Hilary next time. See what happens.

      Oh, and did I forget to mention good riddance to Tom Daschle?


    • Your believing in anything you read is proof positive of your out of ordinary intelligence. Russian newspapers are always accurate and truthful too.

    • you are a your fuckin Social do gooder concience and all that other phony fuckin Smoke screen Bleeding heart shit you give off to Justify a way of life thats so soft youd puke if you knew what these ass hole Eurweenies really thought of you

    • On the front page of the Moscow times Putin was quoted as saying that, " It would be better economically for the Russia Republic if Bush were elected". He went on to state that a Bush win will insure High crude oil prices and lots of dollars for exchange.

      THE MUTT

    • Most biggots don't know or think they are.


    • I don't consider myself, my immediate family and at least 75% of the people I know bigots or extremists. Of course you probably would.


    • have nothing to say, so you called me a "liberal"? You still haven't addressed how you're gonna deal with the low labor costs (read, jobs that Americans don't want)or the high prices of stuffs that Americans' wages mandate (read, price that Americans don't want to pay).

      You reminded me of those environmentalists who drove to places to protest so called "polluter companies" (including oil companies). On the way, guess what, they stopped and topped off their cars with gasoline. The hypocrites didn't realize that without the so-called polluter companies, they wouldn't have cars to drive, let alone gasoline to power them. What I am saying is -- put your money where your mouth is. Tell us you're willing to see your sons or daughters work in the fields, doing manual labor. Tell us you're willing to pay good money for everything, even little things, e.g. $12 for a lb of berries, to support and maintain our employment. Then you can talk. Until you, me, and the rest of us are willing to do that, you can't prevent hiring of illegal immigrants.


      I am sure a lot of Americans will be happy to pick strawberries at $25 an hour rate. Do you know of any? As soon as that is available, we can start "your" program to get rid of the illegal immigrants.

    • "Michael Moore has done more for America than Bush would ever do. Why? Because he tells it like it is" That (and your ename) about says it all for your intellect. Even true Dems don't like MM. If you ever looked even 1" beyond the MM facade for the facts you would plainly see what MM is all about -- himself. But you are the typical reactionairy, non-thinking lib that takes his face value crap as the gospel truth. Hell, you probably think MM actually lived in Flint and still chums around with his old buddies.

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