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    • In an earlier message I said I have been in support of going ahead and fighting this war since about three weeks before it started - we came to the point where we could not have and should not have backed down. I'm not in agreement with how George, apparently intentionally, brought us to that point. It was a little like watching Thelma and Louise inevitibly head for that drive off the cliff.

      The message to which you replied was trying to make a point about the devisiveness we have seen in the country and on this board. Support for the troops is independent of support for Bush or the war. We should not treat those who do not support Bush or the war as traitors to the troops. Some of the troops' parents are against Bush and the war. I'm sure they still support the troops.

      Yes, these boards are for biz comments. Do you have any? Right now, except for the general impact of Bush's policies and the war on the economy, I don't. I've grown tired of the polarized bickering and name calling. I thought it might be worthwhile (an act toward peacemaking?) to make a few serious issue oriented comments from my version of the middle.

    • obviously we need to support the troops! but, in some respects it appears we are somewhat conducting another political-type war. i just dont know, but we have the firepower and likely should use it whether troops hide in religious places or not.
      as far as thelifelong dem, please reconsider your position. this mess we have today is in some part to fair part squarely on the shoulders of the last administration, though, of course, we should have cleaned house in iraq under bush1, but better late than never.
      and, oh, arent these boards for biz comments??

    • Message from one of the "vaunted 20% in the middle" or at least one tired of the extremes and trying to find the middle:

      1) I'm supporting the soldiers.

      2) Once we got to the point that there was no way to build a much larger coalition, I came to believe that backing out of this thing would do more harm than good. So, I reluctantly supported starting this war.

      3) 1 and 2 aren't the same as supporting George Bush.

      4) This war has divided the nation and the world like nothing I can recall since 1970. If it had existed in 1980 or 1991, I don't think this board would be nearly as polarized as it is now. I hope the war is over quickly and the national and world divisions heal quickly. I am doubting that this will happen.

      I do believe that the country will not repeat one mistake from Vietnam. We will not blame the soldiers for the war.

      Message to both the liberal and conservative extremes: It hasn't been about Gore or Clinton since inauguration day. Its about how much good or bad Bush does and how fast he can do it. From my perspective, he has done more damage than I expected in less time than I thought possible.

      Here's my take on a couple of the other areas he has affected:

      1) If Republicans are supposed to be good for business, how come every time they come into power, the economy goes to hell?

      2) If conservatives are supposed to be about freedom, how come we are so busy writing laws and taking actions that restrict our freedoms?

      Based on the way Bush has pursued his economic policies, bad mouthed the economy since he was elected, pursued his foreign policies, including this war and restricted our freedoms, I don't think I will vote for him in 19 months. I hope the Democrats find someone (anyone?) competent from the middle.

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