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  • notarethug notarethug Nov 21, 2006 3:35 PM Flag

    Definition of the word "liberal"

    Liberals are people who believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all persons, regardless of their race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. Liberals favor forward looking public policies, rather than keeping with failed past practices such as the Bush tax cuts, the occupation of Iraq, and the boycott of Cuba. Liberals care about the welfare of people -- their jobs, health, housing, schools, civil rights, and civil liberties. Liberals believe we should break through stalemates and suspicions that grip the Bush administration policies abroad, using diplomacy, debate in the United Nations, foreign travel, and cultural exchanges as a first resort instead of threatening war.

    I am proud to say that I am a liberal.

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    • Try the ignore button.

    • Liberals, whose idealism is light years beyond and all the while defying practicality, believes in a marxist style cradle to grave nanny state with a strong federal government micromanaging every aspect of an individual's life. A liberal believes the only way to enhance the human condition is by a forced equal distribution of wealth and assets. Of course, they see themselves as the leaders of these secular progressive, or forward looking public policies; all the while practicing the policy of do as I say, not as I do. They crown themselves as leading this experiment because of their superior intellect and elitist attitude. A liberal holds in great esteem all the great dictators and zealots of the current and past century, i.e. Chavez, Castro, Hussain, Kim Jong Il, Ho, Mao, Pol Pot, and the like.
      A liberal rebukes a representative democracy providing individual freedom and liberty to all, the enhancement of personal responsibility and the rugged frontier spirit of self reliance.
      The most bizarre, befuddling, eye rolling concept to a liberal is common sense.

    • today's liberals are a Godless disgrace that would have a 1790 liberal rolling over in their grave

      the only thing liberals "tolerate" is immorality

    • You guys are so willing to anonymously victimize this message board pontificating about how great you are, yet not one of you is will to divulge their real identity.

      So how about it, tell us who you are, after all if you were writing letters to the editor you would have to include both your name and home town.

      Recommend this post to fight message board spam, or better yet, ignore this thread altogether. Thank God for Yahoo's new message board format. At least it offers some measure of protection against spam.

    • Liberals have been most progressive throughout history.
      By nature and definition, conservatives do not like change; keep the blacks held down, dont allow women to vote, etc.
      Repubs made 'liberal' sound like a bad word.

      Funny that repubs are so fiscally irresponsible during last 6 years. W likes to send $1 billion a day to IRAQ and approve thousands of other pork projects. I'd be ashamed to be called a repub. Anyone else think US will become a 3rd world country like the UK did? If US keeps up sending billions to oil rich countries and ignoring US problems and economic growth then we probably will.

    • You are a pompous twerp, so full of self-importance that you do go all the message boards in all the lands to praise yourself.

      You have to do this on free, anonymous message boards because no one is interested to listening to you on the radio or seeing you on TV. Stop spamming message boards twerp.

    • You forgot:
      Liberals are pro life after birth instead of only pro life for blastocysts.
      Liberals are pro policies that help families---and businesses--like raising the min wage, instead of being pro family in name only.
      BTW I read in the NYTIMES that the chinese govt is encouraging workers to organise and form unions in China to improve working conditions and wages. The major opponent to this move was voiced by the American Business Council. I wonder what kind of message this sends to millions of Chinese people?
      Another Difference btween liberals and right wing nuts


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