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  • waddawhat2002 waddawhat2002 Apr 12, 2009 9:32 PM Flag

    US Navy Seals waste 3 african pirates

    I've seen and read the stories from about 5 news outlets and it's a massive spin job out there.

    This is what I believe happend.

    After days and days of our own little hostage crisis, Obama took a page from his friend Jimmy Carters playbook and was taking forever to make a decision.

    The military commanders asked for his approval ( he denied), they asked again and aboama AGREED.

    Now what did Obama agree to? He didn't agree to send the seals on some special rescue mission ( like the liberal media wants to make you believe), Obama agreed that if the Captains life was in danger, that they had that authority to use force. BIG BIG difference.

    Of couse the trigger happy seals felt like the captain was in danger when 4 guy swith AK-47s were pointing guns at his head, so they had a clear line of sight and shot.

    YOU SHOULD CREDIT THE NAVY SEAL SHARP SHOOTERS AS HEROS, not our President. Obama had little to nothing to do with this.

    I have the utmost respect for the Navy seals that shot multiple bullets through those african thieves little pea brains.

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    • Never trust the government to pull you into calm waters, a head shot is waiting. A USN sucker punch. God Bless the Seals!

    • Enough talk already about politics and Somali pirates! There's got to be a better online venue for that!

    • If you consider Socialism as BOLD, if you consider a foreign policy of appeasement as BOLD, and a budget deficit equaling the cumulative deficit of ALL former presidents from Washington thru Bush as BOLD, then BOLD is what you get...congratulations, let the rest of us know how that works out for you over the next four to eight years. Jimmy Carter didn't keep this country safe. Bill Clinton allowed al Qaieda to bomb the WTC towers in 1993, then follow up with attacks on our embassies and even one of our Navy ships, without doing squat about it. Thank God that President Bush kept this country after 911. If you think Obama will keep us safe, good luck with that. Since one of his best friends in life was a radical terrorist bomber, since he's already cozied up with Hamas and will soon be releasing al Qaieda detainees into U.S. streets, I wouldn't bet anybody's life on staying safe from terrorism during the coming Obama Error of Mass Destruction. All you elected was a community organizer who knows how to read a teleprompter. Other than that, he's an empty suit, and a dangerous one at that. With no due respect, are you really as stupid as your postings would indicate?

    • Or Obama could appoint the poor lad as the US Ambassador to Somalia, since we probably tortured him by applying handcuffs to his wrist.

    • Too bad the 4th one didn't fall overboard - when the ACLU gets through we will be paying him damages for not reading him his rights.

    • Right out of Clinton's playbook except he would have just launched an errant Tomahawk Cruise Missile over their heads. Just another little boy playing with matches, with no understanding of national defense.

    • Exactly, now that the mission was a smashing success, the media is trying to spin it like Obama ordered the secret rescue mission. If he was so proactive in ordering it, then why did they have to ask him twice.

      For the last time, the news SAYS that Obama ordered violent force IF THE CAPTAIN'S LIFE WAS IN DANGER.

      Well NO shite his life was in danger. You have 4 aggitated pea brain africans with AK 47's that have already shot at you when you tried to swim away... how could anybody say that your life is NOT in danger.

      Obama did not order a rescue mission, he tried to play both sides of the fence and say that the seals could shoot if he was in danger.

      If the mission works " he ordered it", if the mission fails " well I didn't order it" Obozo would have said that he only said they can shoot as a last resort.

      Typical Lawyer running the country.

    • I think all worked with very level heads, my suggestion 3 days ago while 4 terrorist were aboard the life boat with the Capt. was to issue a order to the pirates, Either release the Capt or 1 of you will start dying every 15 sec beginning now. BOOM
      I do not support our President But at least he did not allow the pirates get the Capt to dry land or to other ransomed ships.
      Also who cares with these pirates threaten retalitation. If need be we should place special forces/seals on American ships till the pirates have had enough. The other counties can keep paying the ransoms or do something about it.

    • FOx News is saying the pirates agreed to be towed out of an area of rough water by the destroyer. I guess that is how they got them close (25 to 30 meters).

      A 30 yard head shot with a rifle across solid ground isn't anything for an accomplished marksman to crow about, but three near-simlutaneous head shots at 30 yards from a rolling destroyer to a bobbing fiberglass lifeboat thumping around on a tow cable took some doing. I'm glad we are a nation of doers.

    • I have read that the lifeboat was under tow by the destroyer and was 25 to 30 meters away. I'd like to know how that was arranged. Divers?

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