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  • novalmer novalmer Mar 22, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    LNCO great way to do this...great managment..Linn Co. 1.7M share Block Trade priced at $ this while others confused :-)

    Linn Co. 1.7M share Block Trade priced at $38.10
    Morgan Stanley acted as sole book running manager for the offering

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    • novalmer, who sold 1.7M shares? LNCO has such a short history, IPO'd in October at $36.50 and somebody is selling 1.7M shares now at $38.10 with all that it going on now? Seems curious

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      • robin0635 Mar 26, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

        Morgan Stanley has no disclosure available in re who sold this block trade; more likely than not, it was an original option holder from the initial IPO of October '12 - (clear profit of 1.60/share X 1.7million shares = one healthy return/profit from the transaction assuming the price was @36.50/share; although it probably was discounted at a lesser price, minus the handling fees of MS)...
        Regardless of conjecture as to the identity of the trader in question, the stock rebounded nicely, and some were able to purchase a fairly good stock at a much lower price than the ask...
        This issue seems inherent with MLP's, as well as REITS, as well as the ever-present possibility of an additional SPO (with minimal notice) that requires added vigilance of these stocks... That is why the olde addage of just "buy, hold, and forget them", no longer applies to today's stock markets...

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    • LINE and LNCO down 2% this AM premarket..saw no news.

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      • robin0635 Mar 22, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

        novalmer was right on the money on this one...
        Morgan Stanley exclusively ran the trade and if one was not watching closely (IE. market pulse) you didn't even know it happened -(started at 37.80 and rolled till about 12:PM @ 38.50's..).

        But for a pre-set "market alert app" I would have been oblivious too, and did not buy-in until 9:15CDT. (over 750,000 shares traded in less than one (1) hour - volume was outstanding)
        (The average investor doesn't watch his/her stock minute by minute, nor hour by hour, and they didn't have a clue)...
        novalmer - nice job...


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