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  • john11cv john11cv Mar 25, 2013 5:48 PM Flag


    I laugh at people who write to me and say that cramer is right and that he makes great calls on stocks. this is another prime example of cramer pick gone wild and losing money for those who bought linn the day of or day after he pumped it on mad money on cnbc. cramer works for the king of bs , welch. why anyone can't make this connection is beyond me. i would stay away from cnbc, as far as possible. Nothing but pain for those who follow any advise dreweling from cnbc shows. they're cheap entertainment at best and i use the world entertainment loosely. good luck on linn, if you are wise you will dump this shaggy dog today and then turn of cnbc and bloomberg or another business news channel.

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    • john11cv..... you act like a spoiled brat. why blame someone else (Cramer) for your own stupidity? why can't you take responsibility for your own actions?

    • John... You're a big boy now so quit your whining and do your own D&D. If you don't like Cramer DON'T follow his picks (I sure don't)...???? Most here that invested in LNCO are divi investors (myself included) that hope for a SAFE steady income stream with hopefully some upside potential. I'm up nicely since I've owned LNCO and if the pps dips for a higher yield I'll average down and add more.......... RELAX, average down when the OPPORTUNITY presents itself and ENJOY the 7+ %...................jmo

    • Forget Cramer. The 5 day chart I am looking at has gone from $38 to $39.05.
      Cramer is entertaining at least.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Like most people Cramer is wrong about 1/2 of the time. But this time he is right. Sorry.

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      • Really, Why don't you break down 3 reasons why Cramer is right about Linn Co.(Examples: earnings, book value, etc...? I can give you one reason why he is wrong, the stock is going down ever since he recommended it on CNBC's show "LOST MONEY". LOL, That's exactly what the show should be called. I wonder how many sheep like yourself would purchase these flyer stock symbols that he spews off his lips on national cable tv then! Put a cutesy lable on something and tell the host to jump around and scream for the sake of drama and drama alone, and Americans buy it. Just look at all the info commercials on tv today, that's all you my friend. So, go for it, buy more of this or any other dog like Apple, Alcoa, AGCO, Deere, Movado, CROX, etc, etc, etc.... These are all stocks from prior episodes of Mad Money/Lost Money. YOU WILL LOSE EVERY TIME, I ASSURE YOU. SEE YOU BACK HERE IN 3 MONTHS TO GLOAT, problem is, I'll be the only one gloating.

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