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  • mjh194353 mjh194353 Jul 4, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Hedgeye/Keith McCullough

    A look at the Hedgeye website describes Keith McCullough as a founder and as having successful experience as a fund manager with the Carlyle Blue Wave fund......a further check of Blue Wave indicates that it voluntarily liquidated about 5 yeas ago for failing to reach "critical mass".......further checking on Hedgeye, to the extent possible on the web....shows that "shorting" is a large part of its strategy........It would be nice to know what trades they made on Linn Energy before the Barron articles criticizing the accounting.........I hope that they would disclose what they did and the timing of those trades. I would hope that Barrons would ask them to do so, since Barrons gave some credence to their analysis. hmmmmmm.......what do you we need more?????

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    • another interesting item - McCullough is a cnbc fast money guy - faber and wapner been trash talking the stock also - where is mccullough on cnbc ??? missing

    • go to the hedgeye site and see another attack piece from yesterday claiming this is worth only $8 a sh. of course there are zero facts or evidence and in an earlier item hedgeye admitted the accounting is legal but claims it is aggressive. IMO this is a case where hedgeye is maliciously attempting to kill the BRY deal. how the SEC can ignore this is beyond me - purposeful defamation and stock manipulation. also looks to be intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and or contract as far as private civil claims are concerned

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      • seems that not long ago they said it was worth $17...............When my now 45 year old son was about 3, he came in the living room after being in the kitchen by himself for a few minutes...."Daddy, I did not get into the Oreo package"...he said with brown crumbs on his chin....well, it was obvious but harmless.......Does Hedgeye have brown crumbs on its chin, here? is not is very damaging...

    • see the zerohedge article calling this guy pt barnum - Keith is the head tweeter CEO of hedgeye, an "investment adviser". The firm of course has no actual AUM, they tell other people what to do with other people's money. In summary, they're twice removed from your money.

      What's nice about being twice removed from other people's hard earned money is that it doesn't sting as much when they lose it. You see, ever since the Bernank committed to $85bn / mo last year, Keith has been urging everyone to jump into the equity pool head first into the deep end, forget the swimmies. Admittedly, Keith has been correct about the market since that time. However, the day trading momentum chasing strategy he advises is masked with a "macro" / "fundamentals" theme. He claims the use of complex statistical models, and that he has oodles of analysts burning the midnight oil reading 10Q's and obscure reasearch - blah blah blah. Everyone who is paying attention knows that this entire ride is a momentum play, driven by Fed flow. That's the cold hard truth, no matter how it's spun. Unfortunately what people forget, is that you only profit when you cash out. This is how people get hurt.

      He claims to be "new wall street", but he's the same as what he categorizes as the "old wall street". Swindle people out of their hard earned money as fast as you can while the momentum is in your favor, and when the market & sentiment turns on a dime, say "there's no way anyone could have seen that coming". No matter what spin is put on the strategy he (and most others) employs, this is the cold hard truth. It's always about having an escape route, and hoping that you can get out before the other guy. Of course, there's not really anything for them to get out of technically, as that would imply they have direct AUM, but you get the point.
      If you follow him on twitter, you know that he's not only incredibly corny, but also takes arrogant to a level that's actually impressive.

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      • An RIA friend of mine used to get a daily report from Hedgeye in her email, and she forwarded it to me. Arrogant as hell and ready to short the world at that time (fall 2011). I am happy to be on the other side of a trade from Keith McCullogh and think that he will be ground up and spit out over time. The level of gamesmanship in this attack is ridiculous.

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