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  • makemy2005 makemy2005 Jul 5, 2013 11:30 AM Flag


    Typical shake out, scare tactics by his morning's alpha guy maher. was he helping the shorts escape off the 23.03 low, looks very possible. Or was just setting us up to sell scared to death, so his endorsers can buy at these ridiculous levels and sell this back over 30.00 in a few days.

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    • notice that all these arm chair "experts" have zero facts or analysis. his piece is ridiculous - at one point suggesting the ONLY worth of LNCO and LNN is the possible acquisition of BRY. - seeking obama has alot of junk - cramer like. any slightly positive news and this will bounce violently

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      • Yeah, and now Richard Zeits, another Alpha Beta Omega $hitbag threw together some f@ckn chicken scratch outlining LNCO's vulnerability in concern with natgas prices as to assets, which I don't know about you but hasn't commodities been on the rise for days, and with a little summer heatwave and natgas powering the plants, hey we might go much higher than anyone expects. Since when anyway do you add an unknown to an unknown to make an intelligent decision as to buy,sell or hold. This company historically has beaten the odds and managed to operate at a profit and show substantial growth even through the last financial challenges this country endured and I think it will continue to do so in any environment without second guessing my position with the "what-ifs" that these manipulative pos are putting on the table. GLTA LONGS

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      • Yes Beartooth, these dogs are trying very hard to put another #$%$ in our armor but I think as you said and if I might add you read my mind, any positive PR and this sucker will be over 30.00 again in a heartbeat. GL and have a great weekend.

    • Yes, BUT this works two-fold, first they scare out the weak hands at the low, But it doesn't end because now more weak hearts are pumping cold scared blood saying, "oh, should I sell now before it goes lower?" go ahead, run, sell, see you all at 26.00 by the close.

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