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  • michaelmcmx michaelmcmx Jul 5, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    It is not manipulation

    When the PPS goes up no one says it was manipulated, especially those longs. Shorts are part of the process in the market. If you really think they are cheating then join them and MANIPULATE. Bad news always MANIPULATES. Same as good news.

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    • It is manipulation if the "analysis" by Hedgeye is bogus and is done as a frontrunner for short sellers......Time will tell what is correct and I welcome the SEC review......

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      • Linn has utilized this exact form of hedging since their inception. They have continually honored their distributions throughout. They have large investors in cooperman and HP Morgan who typically would not be involved in any questionable accounting tactics as Barron's and this clown from hedgeye would have you believe. This entire raid was and continues to revolve around the berry deal. The stock was attacked for the sole purpose of disrupting the closing of the deal, and to profit from that disruption. Manipulation does not get any clearer. Criminal if you ask me. When sec review comes back clean...we won't hear a sound from hedgeye....or maybe they will try to spin it as trying to "watch out" for their followers . In long for the long term on this one. Review some past history and opinions on their hedging strategies and you'll understand that there is nothing improper in how the company reports. GL

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