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  • runliftaction runliftaction Jul 17, 2013 8:46 AM Flag


    With Lifshitz, Goldberg, Faruci&Faruchi, Binkow, Jacoby & Meyers, oh sorry they just prefer bankruptcies and slip & falls. Only difference is Goldman Sachs makes their $$$$ analyzing financial data and company records where as these Liars, sorry Lawyers, tend to show up after a crash and try and get their hooks into the individuals with the deepest cuts and bruises. Which side would you rather be on now? Anybody see Perry Mason?

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    • If no irregularities are found by the SEC then who do these bloodsuckers go after? Barrons? The shorts?
      If the use of hedging is found to be a flaw in Linco's accounting then why are hedge funds themselves allowed to prowl these waters?

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      • After doing a little DD into these informals I came to find that the SEC doesn't even make a formal statement on an informal inquiry, once they are satisfied things are basically in order, they will just go away with no need to subpoena or question anyone directly as to any wrongdoing, be it a mid to upper level employee, via Formal investigation, I suspect what we will here is an update on the BRY deal once things are clear.
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