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  • runtravrun1 runtravrun1 Nov 5, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    Kevin Kaiser @HedgeyeENERGY

    Kevin was on the CC and was going to ask questions but Linn Energy never took his call. That is according to Kevin Kaiser on Twitter. That sucks - I would of loved to hear what Kevin would have said and how Linn management would of answered. That makes me mad that Linn ignored him...even though I personally can not stand Kevin I like confrontations (I don't mean yelling at each other, that's childish) - best way to resolve issues.

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    • i would not take his call if I was LINN

    • Kevin aka hockey puck was embolden by Rich Kinder who took his call on the KMP CC. The dude spilled his coffee because he did not expect his call to be taken. Rich Kinder faced down the US Congress when hearings were held about the Enron fraud. He can handle some frat boy from the princeton hockey team.

      LINE management on the other hand views the princeton gang aka Andrew Bary of Barrons as individuals who tried to destroy their company and hence have a grudge to settle. IMHO
      Who cares about this dunce from hedgeeye. Take his call or don't makes no difference. LINE management needs to do their job, and meet production targets they set. This did not happen in the 2nd Quarter. BIG time failure by management. This is a mistake they must own and can't blame shorts or the SEC.

    • Frak Kevin!

    • Hedgeye is the modern day equivalent of the protection rackets, they aren't just selling an opinion. They are threats to burn your house down, with the use of message boards and opinion rags, like SA, where there is no responsible editorial control on the content. No, not all speech is free. You cant yell fire in a crowded theatre. And you cant whisper lies on the internet to interfere with peoples businesses and jobs unless the truth is in there somewhere. But in an age where the NYT, which used to be known for its commitment to fairness, has become just another propaganda tool for powerful politicians, its no wonder that the SEC, instead of protecting investors by investigating the crooks, instead seeks to shield them. I don't think it knows any better, to tell you the truth. Why should anyone indulge innuendo that's already been put to rest? They know the manipulations and half truths they get. When exactly did you stop beating your wife? All that said, I decided to go elsewhere with my time and money. No more MLPs for me. Too much bother.

    • Oh shut up you bumbling fool

    • I don't see Linn wanting to welcome a call from Kaiser. He's a meddling fool.

    • If you make yourself irrelevant (and have no more credibility) you will be ignored ......

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