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  • new2nvesting new2nvesting Dec 26, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    11.7+% Current Short Interest Outstanding Shares?!?!?

    How? Why? That's a really high % of this stock being shorted. That seems like a large amount of foolish gambling……unless the shorts know something the rest of us don't. As for me, I'm LONG LNCO and buying more every chance I get right now. What are your thoughts on why this is still being a strong short option for idiots?

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    • The short interest does seem too high given the SEC having no issues and the mostly positive BRY acquisition. Its especially interesting since short sellers are responsible for paying the dividend each month. I would expect some (not a lot) of short covering before the dividend and some buyers who want the divi to also make purchases. The monthly divi, however, does smooth out this type of price movement. Some thoughts - the increased exchange rate with BRY and the strong BRY financials - did mgmt pull things forward (temp production increase, etc.) to increase the exchange rate? BRY mgmt's responsibility was to its shareholders. Could be some shorts think the first post merger financial results may disappoint. Very risky investment position as LINN mgmt is highly skilled and insider buying/activity indicates positive outlook. We shall see..

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    • More detailed question -- of the 34+ million LNCO shares outstanding, over 4 million are currently shorted, which is a higher percentage than before BRY/LNCO merger. If I recall correctly, prior to merger, there was roughly a 7% short interest. I would think that 7% would drop to a more normal range after the merger completed rather than ramp up. Instead, short interest seems to be growing. Why, with momentum, tail winds, strong last quarter, merger completion, potential increased distributions, at least maintained distributions at over 10% (from where I jumped in) -- still over 9% for those who come in at these prices -- given all this good news, why is there more (not less) shorts IN LNCO today than there were 3 weeks ago??

      Since the shorts seriously manipulated this stock in 2013, I guess I don't mind them getting messed up in 2014. Their increased interest in LNCO does give me some pause though. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to holding my shares for a very long time!!!! Just set up automatic purchase of new shares with each dividend and plan to continue adding to my position in 2014!! GLTA!!

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    • Everybody and the brother was buying BRY and shorting LNCO because the spread was free money. Now that the LNCO shares have been issued, the number of short shares will drop.

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    • its hard to go wrong with LNCO. I too am buying more shares and looking forward to the next few decades of the "Great American Shale Boom." Lets go team !!! BBEP, LNCO, SU, KMP & TRP !!!!

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    • Short interest is from 12/13/2013, before Berry merger.

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    • getting no love, for sure. But with WTI at $99.... and the NG products up so high... I see a HUGE quarter. So just hang in there. Berry assets/production will only enhance total results in the future.

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