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  • choo2choo choo2choo Apr 22, 2014 2:57 PM Flag


    One of these days, we longs are going to wake up and check out LNCO & LINE, and they are both going to go up 5% to 10% on some fantastic news and continue up until they get to mid 30s. Do not hold our breath, but these 2 stocks/units are under valued and when the dust settles and they announce a dividend increase as well as good earnings, they should be rewarded by increase in value of their respective stocks/units. Frustrating at the present values when you see other "dogs" having 5%-6% up days and 1 week later having 5%-6% down days. I guess the good news is we are collecting .2416(10% monthly dividends) to endure the frustration. Being patient is a hard trait to maintain.

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    • Lets get back over 28!!!

    • Linn is inching up..... and sitting on an oil rich gold mine.

    • We're over 28 and there isn't any news- at least publicly. Keep the faith. GLTA

    • If you re-invest your Dividends, you will be better off in the long run.
      I would not anticpate anything until a sale, or next year.
      But I can live with a 10% divi for a very long time.
      GLTA (longs)
      BLTA (shorts)

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      • P.S. I am very glad Jim Cramer is NOT on board with Linn Energy anymore. I hope he STAYS FAR AWAY and NEVER recommends this stock! I will NEVER hold a Jim Cramer "recommendation" even if it is a good stock. He attracts his idiot followers to a stock who don't understand fundamentals. They pull out in DROVES once he pulls his support causing any stock to PLUNGE! Owning a "Cramer Pick" is financial suicide. The best thing he did for us was to not support Linn. This is a huge blessing for this stock!

      • I disagree strongly with that. Only 2 months ago, the stock was in the 31 dollar range. I believe that idiot Jim Cramer (who unfortunately has a lot of idiot followers) were "weak hand" holders of this stock. They pulled out in droves once he pulled his recommendation. This followed a couple of hit pieces by Alpha. So, it was a "double whammy" effect which caused the stock to go down to the 25 dollar range. Earnings were not bad this past quarter. But, Alpha put out some hit pieces anyway. Look at the rebound we have already had. We went from 25 and change to over 28 dollars in a few short weeks. I think we will be in the low 30s very shortly.

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    • Time is the biggest asset a "long" has. These "short" creeps borrow their shares and have to pay them back at some point. In other words, they can't stay short forever. But, a long can wait forever and be rewarded very generously for their patience. We also don't have any risk of paying back shares, covering, short interest, etc... If you are looking for a stock that skyrockets upwards in a short time. This is not the stock for you. This is a long term hold and be patient kind of stock. I don't find it frustrating at all and I'm very happy to be getting the generous dividends every month.

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