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  • olisa98 olisa98 Aug 29, 2002 1:05 PM Flag

    This stock is like a F#$% YoYo



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    • Yes, it is ...up 27.27% yesterday, down 32.14% today (2 day net loss actually 4.87%) .....this whipsaw action 'smells' like a shakeout to me ..on next to no volume ...even with 27,000 shrs traded today at the mid-range price ($.19-.25) of $.22, total trades would amount to less than $6000 ...just goes to show you how much volatility can be created in a thinly-traded, small float stock with very little money used to create that volatility ...they can go screw gameplan hasn't changed ...Looking for more (shares), for less

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      • that 700 shr trade at $.20 ($140 + comm) at 2:39pm has MHMY down 28.57% on 27,700 shrs vs down 32.14% on volume of 27,000 shrs ...a $140 trade decreased the drop today by 3.57%! ...yesterday up 27.27%, today down 28.57% ..2 day net loss now down to 1.3% vs down 4.87% before that 700 shr trade ...$140 can do that? ...looks can be deceiving to those that just see the daily percentage moves lately on this stock, but if they delve into how much money and how many shrs are causing the volatility, they'd laugh at what's really going on here I said before, my gameplan hasn't changed