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  • sollid_companiess_only sollid_companiess_only Aug 24, 2012 12:47 PM Flag

    Obama inherited a disaster......

    Obama and his Big Government wants to make everyone dependent/subservient to the Federal Government:

    1. The poor have become dependent on the government. There are more poor in this country than when the Federal Government began it's "War on Poverty", and the Fed's have spent trillions on programs for the poor. The problem is, when government programs make it comfortable to be poor, there is no need for the poor to try and better themselves. There are more poor people on disability (don't want to work), medicaid, food stamps,free housing, and welfare and a host of other government freebies.

    2. Obama's Fed government is now turning to the middle class to make them dependent also. The more the middle class becomes dependent on the government, the quicker the middle class will descend to poverty, on the same level as the poor class.

    3. State governments have now become dependent on handouts and programs from the Federal government. The Feds gave the states money/programs during hard times and the states expect those freebies to continue.

    Most of the rest of the world has moved away from the bankrupt ideas of socialism/communism/big government. Prosperous new countries like China, India, and Brazil are moving toward private economies. But Obama has his eyes on returning the U.S. to a socialist ("Don't worry be happy, the government will take care of you") country.

    Well good luck with that.

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    • I have been keeping on the sidelines because I'm interested to hear what others are saying. Your remarks are right on target. This administration is one of a welfare(socialist) state, and I can only hope that there are enough genuine Americans out there that see this is a dangerous proposition. This administration needs to be voted OUT. A new administration might not be the end-all be- all, but it would at least give us a chance to put a (temporary) halt on the socialist path and might give us a chance to educate our children about the dangers of a runaway governmrnt.

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      • high_plains_drifter_4 high_plains_drifter_4 Aug 24, 2012 11:31 PM Flag

        retardman!!!! Welcome back!!! It's so good to be on your side of these issues!! PAUL RYAN will get all of the moochers off of welfare, like the guys like you who have been collecting government checks all of their lives!!! Now, you're on Medicare and the bills are mounting. Social Security, TriCare for Life, another government pension.... You bet we need to get the middle class off of welfare!!! We can't afford you guys!!! Somebody has to get out and help move this wagon, retardman!! Join me in voting for PAUL RYAN and Newt Rmoney!!!

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