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  • aviacionado aviacionado Jan 18, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    Hold NSC into earnings?

    Time is short. Who is holding NSC into earnings report and why or why not?

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    • Props to those discouraging a pre-earnings exit. Liking the much higher share price at the moment.

    • LT holding..........another divy increase coming

    • I assume you are addressing this question to speculators? Because an investor generally isn't going to consider selling or buying based on one quarter's worth of results.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Actually selling the news is not speculating - very often a stock will go down on announced good news and up on announced bad news when such news was expected before it became formal. This as opposed to a surprise - I don't think the news was going to surprise either way and its neither good nor bad. Income is down a bit but its hardly alarming, the dividend rate is nice and not under threat so overall holding stock is not too much of a risk and there is some upside if the economy improves. The coal shipments are being rerouted to export (Europe mainly) and that has some effect but the company seems to be anticipating all of that. Not expecting a huge return but not a huge downside either.

        I am currently long bought @ $ 60.5 and would exit on either 88$ or in a down break on 60$

        Sentiment: Buy

      • We prefer to be called traders. Each is entitled to his or her own tactics. I would prefer to take the tidy profit from the past month or so off the table, if the share price is going to dip, and buy the shares back - or more shares - for a lower price. Just soliciting a little helpful insight.

      • One, especially a long-term investor should always review all data about their investment, including macro-business overall. It makes on really smart about the company. Comparing with peers it enables you to spot weaknesses as well as strengths. Assuming a long-term position, an asset rich company and good management, should the stock drop, it can be an excellent time to add to your position, perhaps even lower your cost basis.

        It also impacts decision making if one has a diversified account/portfolio and has other stocks on the radar screen. That is one can defer addition investment for something else that has been researched and is currently trading at good value.

        As far as NS, I am hoping to see for one, a beginning of debt reduction.

    • I am in for the long haul. Will leave the share to my relatives to fight over when I die. Will enjoy the dividens and the comfort they provide.

    • aviacionado;

      I believe it is best to wait until the data comes out and listen to the conf. call if you are a longer term holder. At that time I'll reasses my position. Be I get at least four to six thumbs down. Guess Yahoo allows one to be blackballed or praised one way or the other. However mostly likely NS-lead influence/manipulation - watch at least 5 downs.

    • I just asked a question and offered no insight. What's with the multiple thumbs-ups and no replies. Do I have a fan club?

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